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Platos The Apology - 792 Words

Plato’s The Apology is the speech that Socrates makes at the trial in which he is charged with not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, creating new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens. Even though the title of Socrates’ speech is The Apology, it is not an apology for his actions, but rather he attempts to defend himself and his conduct. The apology has made me reflect on whether a person should focus on improving himself or herself, or should they focus on improving other people. During his speech, Socrates speaks in a very plain and conversational manner. He points out that he has no experience with the law courts and haven’t been in a law court all of his life. Socrates then says that he will not speak in the way the sophists do, with rhetoric, but instead will speak with honesty and directness. At the first part of the speech, he explains that his style comes from a prophecy by the oracle at Delphi which claimed that he was the wisest man in Athens. He then explains that because of the oracle’s prophecy, he tried to find someone who is wiser than him. He went to all the people who had great reputations for wisdom and people who claimed to have a lot of knowledge and found out that they didn’t really know the things they claimed to know. Socrates then concluded that he must be wiser than other men because he is aware that doesn’t know everything. Socrates explains that in order to spread his wisdom, he considered it his duty to q uestion the people whoShow MoreRelatedPlatos The Apology659 Words   |  3 Pages Platos The Apology is an account of the speech Socrates makes at the trial where he is charged for various reasons; not recognizing the gods recognized by the state, inventing new deities, and corrupting the youth of Athens. Socrates did not win over the jury pleading his case, and was therefore sentenced to execution. It can be said that Plato’s Apology of Sokrates, although an unsuccessful attempt at defending Socrates on the charges of corruption the youth of Athens, is a successful defenseRead MoreEssay on Platos Apology932 Words   |  4 PagesPlatos Apology At the elderly age of seventy, Socrates found himself fighting against an indictment of impiety. He was unsuccessful at trial in the year 399 B.C. The charges were corrupting the youth of Athens, not believing in the traditional gods in whom the city believed, and finally, that he believed in other new divinities. In Platos Apology, Socrates defends himself against these charges. He claims that the jurors opinions are biased because they had probably all seen AristophanesRead More Platos Apology Essay1086 Words   |  5 PagesPlatos Apology Plato’s Apology is the story of the trial of Socrates, the charges brought against him and his maintaining of his own innocence throughout the process. At the onset of the trial, Socrates appears to challenging the charges, which included corrupting the youth, challenging belief in the gods that were accepted and reveled by the State, and introducing a new religious focus, but also belittles his own significance and suggesting that he will not attempt to disprove thatRead MorePlatos Apology And Crito1036 Words   |  5 PagesIn Plato’s â€Å"Apology† and â€Å"Crito†, I believe Socrates’ philosophy of not doing harmful things on purpose, because of ignorance, or the act of doing it unwillingly, is false. First I will show you some contradictions introduced in the books of the Apology, and Crito and explain them. Next, I will explain how in the present day Socrates philosophy is false due to the vices of mankind, with evidence from the Apol ogy, then I will show you how Socrates might argue his point and a counter argument in presentRead MorePlatos The Republic and The Apology1714 Words   |  7 Pages In Plato’s The Republic and The Apology, the topic of justice is examined from multiple angles in an attempt to discover what justice is, as well as why living a just life is desirable. Plato, writing through Socrates, identifies in The Republic what he thought justice was through the creation of an ideal city and an ideal soul. Both the ideal city and the ideal soul have three components which, when all are acting harmoniously, create what Socrates considers to be justice. Before he outlines thisRead More Platos Apology Essay794 Words   |  4 PagesPlato’s Apology In the retelling of his trial by his associate, Plato, entitled â€Å"The Apology†; Socrates claims in his defense that he only wishes to do good for the polis. I believe that Socrates was innocent of the accusations that were made against him, but he possessed contempt for the court and displayed that in his conceitedness and these actions led to his death. In his defense, Socrates claims over and again that he is innocent and is not at all wise, â€Å"†¦for I know that I haveRead MorePlatos The Apology Essay1530 Words   |  7 Pageswas – such was the effect of them; and yet they have hardly spoken a word of truth.† – Plato â€Å"The Apology† In â€Å"The Apology,† Socrates represents himself in his own trial. He boldly questions the morality of the people of court. In this report, I will be analyzing portions of â€Å"The Apology† in order to reveal the intellectuality of this text within this time frame. I will only discuss bits of â€Å"The Apologyâ€Å" on account that it is a lengthy piece. However, before discussing the speech it is important toRead MorePlatos Apology And Crito Analysis1873 Words   |  8 PagesTensions between moral philosopher and the faithful citizen of the polis are highlighted in Plato’s Apology and Crito. In the Apology, Socrates is faced with a death sentence at the hands of the state, but ironically is unapologetic in his discourse while defending himself. The Crito, however, displays Socrates in a dialogue where he chooses to engage and characterize the laws as a means of arguing for his faithfulness to the decision of the polis. Indeed, he uses the laws as a rhetori cal deviceRead MoreCharacteristics Of The Tragedy Of Platos Apology1068 Words   |  5 Pagesdisplayed the proper elements of adversity within the â€Å"Apology† and detailed the unfairness the democratic society of Athens presents by punishing an opposing, equally justified force. Socrates preforms his defence arrogantly and sarcastically in the courtroom of Athens, humouring his own trial where he faced a grave fate. Socrates would not accept a verdict of guilty, therefore would not accept any other punishment than freedom. Platos Apology depicts the dramatically tragic death of philosopherRead MoreEssay about Plato’s Apology933 Words   |  4 Pages Plato’s Apology Socrates was a very simple man who did not have many material possessions and spoke in a plain, conversational manner. Acknowledging his own ignorance, he engaged in conversations with people claiming to be experts, usually in ethical matters. By asking simple questions, Socrates gradually revealed that these people were in fact very confused and did not actually know anything about the matters about which they claimed to be an expert. Socrates felt that the quest for wisdom and

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Social Media and Social Protest - 2615 Words

A growing body of literature examines the relationship between environmental protest and news media representation with special emphasis on how these formations relate to and affect the public and politics. The nature of our research is such that we are going to use a multitheoretical approach. Space does not permit to review all the work done on this matter, but we have selected various key perspectives needed for understanding the mechanisms of framing and media bias in the reporting of protest events. We briefly review the more relevant perspectives that have guided our assessment of the evidence and that were endorsed in our findings. Protest logic and mediation opportunity structure Various Studies have showed that media display an inherent bias against social protests, reflecting elite interests, primarily by focusing on incidents of violence rather than on the message these protest groups try to convey. Eldridge argues that what is being presented as neutral reporting is in fact â€Å"an array of codes and practices which effectively rest upon a cultural imperative to hear the causes of disputes in one way rather than another†, meaning that Media are â€Å"not neutral unselective recorders of events† (Oliver and Maney, 2000: 464) Mainstream media predominantly tend to focus on violence and on the spectacular rather than on the message being conveyed . Protest groupsShow MoreRelatedSocial Media And Protest Behavior1086 Words   |  5 PagesUse of Social Media for Protest Behavior, Sabastina Valenzuela (2013) investigated the link between the fr equency of social media use and engaging in political protests. He argued that there has been an established positive correlation between social media use and civic engagement. Nevertheless, there has been no systematic explanation proposed to account for this relationship. In this article, the authors tried to test three different explanations connecting the frequency of social media use andRead MoreThe Impact Of Facebook On Citizen Engagement1196 Words   |  5 Pageson the power that social media sites possess on citizen engagement. However, a study done in 2011 examined the usefulness of Facebook pages as a way to connect citizens with each other (many-to-many) for policy input versus the utilization of those social media sites to transmit to and receive from government to citizens (one-to-many) in a more authoritative manner . The study was done to examine the use of Facebook to maintain power relations and inform citizens about their views rather than usingRead MoreAnalysis O f Bryant Arnold, An Artist For Cartoonaday.com1712 Words   |  7 Pagescom, illustrated how social media, i.e. Twitter and Facebook, has influenced the Egyptian people. In this cartoon, the former President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, is running away and hiding behind the military from three Egyptians, two men and one women in traditional Egyptian dress, who are holding swords that say Facebook and Twitter. During the Egyptian revolution of 2011, part of the Arab Spring, Egyptians were able to connect and coordinate protests through these social media websites due to theirRead MoreThe Role of Social Media in Political Rallies1276 Words   |  5 Pagesmobile and social media had taken an important role in contemporary civil protests and rallies especially in Asia due to the socio-political background. Sunflower movement, a protest that took place in Taiwan earlier this year in March will be used as the case study for the topic. Due to the lack of academic resources about this new eve nt, news article and internet resources will be my main approach of research for the movement. This essay will discuss the topic by discussing how social media can beRead MoreSocial Media As A Powerful Tool928 Words   |  4 PagesSocial media is a powerful tool that can be used to aide in social movements and transformations. The speed, easiness, and ability to connect people are key aspects as to why social media plays a major role in organizing social justice movements. I believe that one of the most important aspects of social media is that it is available for so many people to see and use. People are able to organize protests, spread information on important topics rapidly, and share updates on what is going on from anyRead MoreThe Impact Of Twitter On The Public Contribution Into Political Social Movements1566 Words   |  7 Pagesdiscusses the impact of Twitter on the public contribution into political social movements. Firstly, I explain the globalization along with global media. Followed by media convergence and how it affects the networked individualism. Basically, I search for Twitter and the relations between online communication and political movements also known as protests. Since there are limited studies on the effects of Twitter on political social movements in Egypt, United States and Turkey, this research aims to fillRead MoreThe Role Of New Media In The Tunisian And Egyptian Protests710 Words   |  3 Pagesafter huge extended protests that succeeded peacefully albeit temporarily in Tunisia and Egypt, while they failed in other countries where the so-called â€Å"revolutions† became regional or even international conflicts, such as Libya and Syria. However, what is prevalent among these popular movements of change is that they were linked by some observers to social media that were attributed not only an important role in those dramatic events, but a key one. Although the online media, such as â€Å"Facebook†Read MoreThe Ey es Of The Modern World Have Long Borne Witness To1510 Words   |  7 Pagesdemonstrations and protests began in the middle of December as Middle Easterners began to take action against their governments. This movement spread all throughout the Middle East and would eventually become known as the Arab Spring. In the Middle East, speaking against your government is an act of treason, this compounded by government censorship has left Middle Easterners socially isolated; as such, one might assume that this would create difficulty in any attempt to organize a protest against theseRead MoreThe Arab Spring1286 Words   |  5 Pagesrecently going on in the Arab world. The Arab Spring has established; the power social media can have when applied in social and political scenario. In just a short period of three years, there were changed regimes in four Arab countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen). There were protests and demonstrations in other Arab countries like Bahrain, Syria, Algeri a, Iraq, Jordon, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan. Small scale protests were also held in countries like Mauritania Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, WesternRead MoreA Virtual Platform By Malcolm Gladwell1280 Words   |  6 Pageswhole world through social media platforms.One often wonders what are the people,who have an easy access to issues and matters across the globe doing ? Where are they spending most of their time and what are they up to?The simple answer to that question is that a relatively larger number of existing human beings nowadays are spending their time,on their smart devices addressing their views on socio-political issues.Also,can this selected population of human beings, advocate for social change just by scrolling

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Attraction and management of Sports Event-Free-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Attraction and Management of Sports Event. Asnwer: Sports event Sport events have always been a point of attraction for various places of tourist attraction. There are places which carry out sport events and are popular among the tourists for the sports. The tourists love to visit these places, which are famous for sports event to get engage in these events or have a look in those events. Most of the places that attract tourists are famous for Olympic Games and World cups. The places where the World Cups are held promote these events as an incentive for tourist attraction (Kim et. al. 2015). There are also participative events in which the tourists can take part themselves such as scuba diving, Golf, Kayaking, surfing and fishing. People can take part in these events and have a real life experience (Wainwright, Cooke and Low 2016). However, there are two types of tourists that visit these places where the sport events are held. One is Activity participants who travel just to take part in these events, while there are others who engage in these ev ents as a part of their leisure. Places with such sports offer attraction because of the challenges and fun associated with it. It gives a new experience to the tourist that has a love for sports (Bosnjak et. al. 2016). Brief Analysis of the Event Sport events are an active part in the life of few people. They are an active fan of sports and love to visit places for the experiencing various sport events. For some of the people sports is more important than their religion. Around 57 percent of the people consider sports as more important than their religion (Weber 2016). Kayaking is one of the most interesting and adventurous sports played in the world (Buckley, Shakeela and Guitart 2014). It is an attraction due to the challenges and enthusiasm required in this sport. It is played with the help of a small watercraft, which is pushed, with the help of double bladed row. The traditional kayaking boat is very different from the present one; however, the new boats are also termed as kayaking (Mission Bay Watersports 2017). It is the most lovable sports for water lovers. It is also the most interesting way to go around the travel destination. The kayaks used in this sports are of various kinds such as the kayak that is suitable for flat water and the other is for white water. The size of the kayaks also varies according to the interest of the paddler and the water in which the paddler will kayak. Ether is also a sit on top kayak where the paddler is exposed on a concave deck (Canoekayak 2017). There are also various kinds of activities involved in kayaking such as diving, fishing and ecotourism (SOUTHERDEN 2017). The travelers engage on kayaking depending on the type of activities they want to do. There are many famous places which offers the best kayaking sites in the world for the kayaking lovers such as the Cork, Ireland which offers kayaking in the Atlantic sea, second is Venice, Italy, third is Berlin, Germany which allows kayaking in Kajak, fourth is in Wroclaw, Poland, fifth is in the San Francisco, USA and New York, USA. These are some of the top six kayaking sites in the world. There are other sites as well in New Zealand such as Hawaii, Panama, and Philippines and in Greenland (The Telegraph 2017). The price for kayaking is not too high and thus it does not add into the travelers Budget considerations. Single kayak approximately cost $15 for half an hour to $50 for two hours. However, during the peak seasons the rate goes up. Tourists can also hire double kayaks at a rate of $30 for half an hour to $60. In the double kayak, also the rate varies during peak seasons. The participants in kayaking are usually single or double. However, it is evident that single person kayaking is more interesting and fun then a double person kayaking (KG Kayaks 2017) Involvement of the Event Stakeholders Stakeholders pay an active role in kayaking sports as it is considered as one of the most adventurous sports of the world. Thus, the stakeholders have the responsibility of preserving the environment of the place that is famous for this sports. Kayaking sports has generated a lot of revenue for the government of various countries due to its attraction. Thus, government is one of the most important stakeholders of this sport. There have been many startups, which has acquired a lot of revenue from these kayak business (Rivera 2017).. The growth in sales of the kayak from 4 percent to 11 percent in paddles and from 16 percent to 21 percent in recreation kayaks is an evidenced the demand for kayaking is increasing at a very high rate (Kayak related products sales growth in the United States 2017). Kayaking is thus adding a great benefit in the tourism industry as one of the most interesting sports event. References Bosnjak, M., Brown, C.A., Lee, D.J., Yu, G.B. and Sirgy, M.J., 2016. Self-expressiveness in sport tourism: Determinants and consequences.Journal of Travel Research,55(1), pp.125-134. Buckley, R., Shakeela, A. and Guitart, D., 2014. Adventure tourism and local livelihoods.Annals of Tourism Research,48, pp.269-272. (2017).Welcome to Canoe and Kayak World. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. Kayak related products sales growth in the United States in 2015 and 2016, p. (2017).US kayak related products sales growth 2016 | Statistic. [online] Statista. Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. KG Kayaks. (2017).Pricing. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. Kim, W., Jun, H.M., Walker, M. and Drane, D., 2015. Evaluating the perceived social impacts of hosting large-scale sport tourism events: Scale development and validation.Tourism Management,48, pp.21-32. Mission Bay Watersports. (2017).Kayak Hire - Mission Bay Watersports. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. Rivera, C. (2017).A start-up folding kayaks into compact cases. [online] CNBC. Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. SOUTHERDEN, L. (2017).Six of the world's best places to sea kayak. [online] Stuff. Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. The Telegraph. (2017).10 of the best cities for kayaking. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Aug. 2017]. Wainwright, B., Cooke, C. and Low, C., 2016, May. Performance related technique factors in Olympic Sprint kayaking. InISBS-Conference Proceedings Archive(Vol. 33, No. 1). Weber, S., 2016. Engagement, Education, and ExpectationsThe Future of Parks and Protected Areas: Proceedings of the 2015 George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites.

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The Ice Age Essays - Pleistocene, Mammoth, Permafrost, Tundra

The Ice Age Twenty thousand years ago during the time of the last ice age period, many colossal mammals roamed North America. They survived during the times when much of the earth was covered by immense large bodies of ice that buried forests, fields, and mountains, but rapidly became extinct after the ice began to retreat and melt. Since then the human race has introduced many different theories to explain the extinction of these large mammals. One theory stands above all and explains the truth of this mysterious disappearance. The Paleo Indians that entered North America from Asia, the climate change, soil, vegetation and water levels were all major factors in this extinction. The results of these factors left the biggest impact on the food chain of these animals. The domino-effect of all these factors is responsible for the extinction of the ice age mammals. Animals, like all other living organisms have a tendency to adapt to the environment in which they live. A cold climate favors large animals, since large animals have more body fat and lose heat at a slower rate then do smaller animals. That is why many of the mammals that lived during the ice age were enormous. These large animals consisted of ground sloths and armadillos which came northward from South America, and horses, saber-toothed cats, mammoths, antelopes, and muskoxen that crossed over the land bridge from Asia into North America. For the longest time fossils from many parts of North America were the only evidence that many of these large beasts had once roamed the land, but in the spring of 1846 an unbelievable event happened that brought the world a step closer to the mystery of this great extinction. A Russian explorer Benkendorf and his survey team from Russia were heading for the mouth of the Indigirka River in Siberia. When they reached the spot of their destination, the land had disappeared and everything had changed. Left behind was two miles wide of torn up land, and wild waters carrying rapidly masses of peat and loam. In the mixture of the mess they seemed to notice what was once one of the mammoths who roamed the earth during the ice ages. (Chorlton 53) Our patience was tried. At last, however, a huge black horrible mass bobbed up out of the water. We beheld a colossal elephants head, armed with mighty tusks, its long trunk waving uncannily in the water, as though seeking something it had lost. Breathless with astonishment, I beheld the monster hardly 12 feet away, with the white of his half-open eyes showing. 'A mammoth! A mammoth!' someone shouted. (Chorlton 54) An elephant with a body covered with thick fur about thirteen feet in height and fifteen in length with tusks eight feet long that curved outward at the end. It had a trunk six feet long and colossal legs one and a half feet thick. The beast was fat and well grown. The outer hair was like wool, very soft, warm and thick, it was definitely well protected from the cold.(Chorlton 54) Unfortunately the mammoth soon began to decay and was swept away by the rapid waters. This dramatic find brought the world face to face with one of the great mysteries of the ice age, the sudden extinction of the great colossal mammals. These large mammals at one time lived in peace and survived gracefully for thousands of years, they adapted to the cold climate and tundra surrounding them. With an adequate food chain and nothing to affect it they were bound to survive forever, but because of simple changes that eventually triggered many other factors these animals are extinct and will never be on this earth again. When the massive continental glaciers locked up great quantities of water, the sea levels lowered which exposed parts of the shallow sea floor, therefore, the Bering Strait did not exist. Eleven thousand, years ago many Paleo Indians were able to cross the land bridge between Asia and North American which enabled them to populate North America. The great amount of large animals attracted these people to the frozen waste lands. In all hunting that ends with the extermination of a species, the motivation is never hunger. Money, and the greed for it, have been the incentive. The savage does not know these, he hunts to eat and so is unable to decimate the big game to any important extent (Cornwall 117) The large mammals of North American were never exposed

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Explaining the Invention of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Explaining the Invention of the Jigsaw Puzzle The jigsaw puzzle- that delightful and perplexing challenge wherein a picture made of cardboard or wood has been cut into differently shaped pieces that must be fit together- is widely thought of as an entertaining pastime. But it didn’t start out that way. Believe it or not, the birth of the jigsaw puzzle was rooted in education. A Teaching Aid Englishman John Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker, invented the jigsaw puzzle in 1767. The first jigsaw puzzle was a map of the world. Spilsbury attached a map to a piece of wood and then cut out each country. Teachers used Spilsburys puzzles to teach geography. Students learned their geography lessons by putting the world maps back together. With the invention of the first fret treadle saw in 1865, the ability to create machine-aided curved lines was at hand. This tool, which operated with foot pedals like a sewing machine, was perfect for the creation of puzzles. Eventually, the fret or scroll saw came to also be known as the jigsaw. By 1880, jigsaw puzzles were being machine crafted, and although cardboard puzzles entered the market, wood jigsaw puzzles remained the bigger seller. Mass Production Mass production of jigsaw puzzles began in the 20th century with the advent of die-cut machines. In this process sharp, metal dies for each puzzle were created and, operating like print-making stencils, were pressed down on sheets of cardboard or soft woods to cut the sheet into pieces.   This invention coincided with the golden age of jigsaws of the 1930s. Companies on both sides of the Atlantic churned out a variety of puzzles with pictures depicting everything from domestic scenes to railroad trains.   In the 1930s puzzles were distributed as low-cost marketing tools in the U.S. Companies offered the puzzles for special low prices with the purchase of other items. For example, a newspaper ad from the period trumpets the offer of a $.25 jigsaw of the Maple Leaf hockey team and a $.10 theater ticket with the purchase of Dr. Gardner’s Toothpaste (normally $.39) for just $.49. The industry also created excitement by issuing â€Å"The Jig of the Week† for puzzle fans.   The jigsaw puzzle remained a steady pastime- reusable and a great activity for groups or for an individual- for decades. With the invention of digital applications, the virtual jigsaw puzzle arrived in the 21st century and a number of apps were created allowing users to solve puzzles on their smartphones and tablets.

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Madelungs Rule Definition and Example

Madelungs Rule Definition and Example Madelungs Rule Definition Madelungs rule describes electron configuration and the filling of atomic orbitals. The rule states: (1) Energy increases with increasing n l (2) For identical values of n l, energy increases with increasing n The following order for filling orbitals results: 1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s, 5f, 6d, 7p, (8s, 5g, 6f, 7d, 8p, and 9s) The orbitals listed in parentheses are not occupied in the ground state of the heaviest atom known, Z 118. The reason orbitals fill this way is because the inner electrons shield the nuclear charge. Orbital penetration is as follows:s p d f Madelungs rule or Klechkowskis rule originally was described by Charles Janet in 1929 and rediscovered by Erwin Madelung in 1936. V.M. Klechkowski described the theoretical explanation of Madelungs rule. The modern Aufbau principle is based on Madelungs rule. Also Known As: Klechkowskis rule, Klechowsy rule, diagonal rule, Janet rule Exceptions to Madelungs Rule Keep in mind, Madelungs rule may only be applied to neutral atoms in the ground state. Even then, there are exceptions from the ordering predicted by the rule and experimental data. For examples, the observed electron configurations of copper, chromium, and palladium are different from predictions. The rule predicts the configuration of  9Cu to be 1s22s22p63s2  3p64s23d9  or [Ar]4s23d9  while the experimental configuration of a copper atom is [Ar]4s13d10. Filling the 3d orbital completely gives the copper atom a more stable configuration or lower energy state.

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Policing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Policing - Essay Example The agents who have the first contact with the caller should perform a basic risk assessment and find any vulnerability before verifying whether the matter is an incident or inquiry and attempt to resolve the caller’s needs. The staff should ask questions to the caller for an effective assessment of the risk (Deal 2010, p.18). Assessment, identification and prioritization of the risks are involved for effective risk management with the onus of the dispatcher in order to take the recommendable initial response. After taking the initial risk assessment, the incident is then graded on whether it requires emergency or non-emergency response (Deal 2010, p.23). An emergency response includes situations where the reported incident is taking place, and there is or likely to be a danger to life, instant threat of using violence, serious injuries to a person or solemn damage to property. The maximum time required for the police to arrive for the emergency response in urban areas is within 15 minutes while in rural areas is within 20 minutes. The police rely on the first hand information given by the call handler for the direction to the scene where the incident has occurred. For a non-emergency incident, the immediate police response is not required and encompasses many solutions for which officer’s attendance is not required.

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Internet Banking Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 9500 words

Internet Banking - Coursework Example Modern day customers demand more from the banking services, as they want new levels of flexibility and convenience than what traditional banks offer. In spite of the fact that Internet Banking is the need of the time, there is immediate necessity to solve some of the key problems, which is necessary to make it widely acceptable. This research proposal discusses the main factors that affect the adoption of Internet Banking, by applying the theories relevant to the concept and relying on the findings of the Survey, which is done by the customers of HSBC Uxbridge Branch. E-commerce has revolutionised the way the businesses are conducted nowadays. New business models are replacing the outdated ones and the organizations are restructuring their business processes according to the needs of the customers. Just like any other sector, new customer relationship strategies are being formulated in the banks as this industry has also accepted the new technology - Internet Banking. According to Hickman, 85% of the largest banks in United States of America offer Internet Banking services in its basic forms, like, statements, access to accounts, stop payments, transfers, along with clear items. Most of these banks are also beginning their complete Internet banking services, comprising services on online loans, bill payment and brokerage. Research supports the fact that both banks and customers can benefit from Internet banking. However, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration, the bank's perceptions of Internet banking and the cust omers' perceptions of internet banking being the principal ones. Along with benefitting the customers and the banks, internet banking or E banking is beneficial for the small and medium businesses as well. (Nath R., Schrick P. and Parzinger M., 2001, A) Benefits of Online Banking to its Customers Customers are benefitted in a number of ways from internet banking. The first and foremost benefit is convenience. The customers can operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. (Benefits for Customers, n.d.) Cost Savings - Cyberspace is relatively cheaper to operate than the bricks and mortar structure and this benefit is often passed to the customers. Internet banking offers customers cost savings and financial benefits for online transaction of services. It also reduces the transfer fees of transaction is dome through e-banking. Access to

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Physiological Impacts of World War Two Essay Example for Free

Physiological Impacts of World War Two Essay When a soldier enlists into the military forces they know they are going in to fight for their country and freedom for everyone. They spend months training and preparing for the war and what to come. They learn to fight, shoot, and kill enemies, but what they do not learn is how to cope with the after math of the war. Soldiers in war every year come home with many post traumatic effects from what they had witnessed. During world war two this was known as shell shock; however what can be concluded is that world war two impacted the soldiers emotionally and physiologically from the time they entered to post war. World War Two was one of the biggest struggles nations everywhere have ever seen. â€Å"It killed more people, costs more money, damaged more property, and affected more people†¦than any other war in history† (The History on the Net Group). People everywhere were in panic when the War started. With all the damage done during the war it can be imagined how the soldiers were traumatized by losing their fellow soldiers. â€Å"The number of people killed, wounded, or missing between September 1939 and September 1945 can never be calculated, but it is estimated that more than 55 million people perished† (The History on the Net Group). Soldiers were devastated by the tragedies that occurred at the time of war. However, before the war started there were a lot of causes that went into why everything ended up in war. World War Two began in September 1939 when Britain and France declared war on Germany following Germany’s invasion of Poland. The war was triggered by Germany’s invasion of Poland but the causes of the war are far beyond this fact. After World War One had occurred Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States of America wanted to make a treaty on his four point plan to bring peace to Europe. Other countries involved in this treaty did not have the same idea as President Wilson. George Clemenceau wanted revenged. He wanted to make sure Germany would never be able to start a war again. When Germany received this treaty they were very surprised with the terms. The terms included, war guilt clause, which meant Germany accepted all the blame for  World War One. Reparations, Germany had to pay millions in damage from the war. Disarmament, Germany could not have tanks or air force and land was taken away from them and given to other countries. The Germans were not happy with this treaty and thought of it as very harsh. However the Germans took responsibility and continued on in hope to get revenge later. In 1919, to help keep the world safe for democracy the League of Nations was set up. League of Nations would intend that if there were disagreements between countries they would negotiate rather than fight. The failure of the League of Nation can be summarized by points such as, not all countries joining in such as Germany as a punishment and Russia because of the spread of communism. The League of Nations had no power or any army. Countries were hesitant to get involved with an aggressive country and taking direct action against them. These things led to the fall of the League of Nations. People were angry because they did not want to cut off resources with other countries, even if they were aggressive because during the late 1920’s depression hit most of them. â€Å"The depression destroyed the market for imported silk from Japan, which had provided the country with two fifths of its export income’’ (The History on the Net Group). Economic problems played a fundamental part in the cause of World War 2. Germany, one of the poor countries became crippled in power and vulnerable. When Adolf Hitler came into power he immediately began placing blame on other countries and making Germany at the top of resources again. All these aspects lead to the start of World War two in Europe. As the war in Europe continued President Franklin D. Roosevelt told America he did not want to get involved. He thought it was better to stay neutral in this matter and let them handle their own battle. The United States decided to eventually join the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, however the issues had started years before Pearl Harbor was attacked. It starts with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, China. The Japanese invade Manchuria on September 18th, 1931. China was in the middle of a depression, so the Japanese had the upper hand. When Russia found this out they were enraged meaning America was as well, being alliances with Russia. Also, â€Å"the Japanese invading China violated the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 which renounced war as national policy† (Ketchum). The United states told Japan  if they dont get out of China, they would stop trading oil with them. Japan stayed in China so the U.S stopped trading oil. Japan disliked this and held a grudge on America for years. Besides this, The US was already trading with other countries through the Lend-Lease Act, a document allowing the US to lend countries like Britain war materials in exchange for money. Germany was also angry that America was helping their enemies. As a result the Nazi’s decide to sink the U.S supply ships to help keep them from sending resources to other countries. However, President Roosevelt did not want to enter war until the attack of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii occurred. This pushed the United States into the war officially on December 8, 1941. Right after we entered the war Hitler declared war on the United States. Followed by a United States declaration of war against Germany, and then the United States was fully involved in the war. America did not want to go to war but when America was targeted they decided to counter attack, however they did not plan on going to war with Germany but once they did it lead to one of the biggest and bloodiest wars of all time in history. My grandfather, Edward Weil was lucky and un lucky enough to be able to experience World War 2. As a veteran of war he tells me all his stories about what the war was like. â€Å"The war was a very hard time.† He tells me, â€Å"it was rough but it also brought the nation closer together and America’s pride shined.† When I asked my grandfather why he joined the war he has told me about the attack of pearl harbor and how everyone had to stand for the pledge of allegiance out of respect and when he put his hand to his heart a navy officer came up to him and told him, â€Å"You would look very good in a uniform.† It really made my grandfather look at what he wanted to do and how he wanted to protect his nation. At the same time joining the war also impacted him in a negative way. During the war my grandfather was nervous but knew this was what he wanted to do. He saw the Japanese bomb his mother ship and his sailors being killed and put on the edge of the deck to take back and bury. These experiences get scarred into soldiers minds forever. They cannot escape what they saw and those horrific actions done to one another. My grandfather was only 17 years old when he entered war. He wanted freedom and security for the American people. However, as a young teenage boy still the war affected his emotions and to this day it is still  a very sentimental and emotional topic to him. During my interview with my grandfather as I talked about what he wished he could change about the war, he started to tear up and told me about all the people lost to the war and his friends. His ship pulled next to another ship while it was burning and the people were asking for help and they tried to save as many people as they could. My grandfather even lost his left hearing due to the war. He is very proud to show his metals from the war and how he helped our nation. My grandfather is very proud to be a world war to veteran.

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Free Essays on A Midsummer Night’s Dream: The Comedy :: Midsummer Nights Dream

Comedy in A Midsummer Night's Dream "why do they run away? This is a knavery of them to make me afeard."(3.1.99) This is a quote from the Shakespearean play "A Midsummer Night's Dream." In this quote, the speaker, Bottom, is wondering why everyone is afraid of him. He doesn't realize that as a practical joke, a trickster Puck, has put an ass head on his shoulders. This makes all of his companions afraid of him so that they run away. This is an example of the comedy involved in this play. This essay will show you that A Midsummer Night's Dream is a play that is mainly composed of comedy. The funniest part of this play seems to be when Puck, the trickster, keeps mixing up the people who he is assigned to put the love juice on. Even when he did put the love juice into the right people's eyes, they still fell in love with the wrong people sometimes. The first example of this mistake of Puck's is where he puts the love juice in Lysander's eyes, mistaking him for Demetrius. Oberon tells Puck to put the love juice in the eyes of an Athenian man, Demetrius, and to make sure that the first thing he sees after this is the woman whom he hates, but who loves him so much, Helena. Puck ends up finding Lysander and Hermia, lovers, sleeping on the forest floor. He puts the love juice in Lysander's eyes and leaves. Then along come Helena and Demetrius to this spot. They are still arguing and Demetrius leaves her with the sleeping Lysander and Hermia. Helena notices them there and tries to wake Lysander. Lysander wakes and the first thing he sees is Helena. "And run through fire for thy sweat sake. Transparent Helena! Nature shows art, That through thy bosom makes me see thy heart."(2.2.103). This is what Demetrius says to Helena when he sees her. He has fallen in love with her. This is where the comedy of this love mix up begins. Now Helena is confused and thinks that Lysander is playing a trick on her so she runs away. This is a most particularly funny part of the play and these mix ups with whom loves who seem to be the funniest pieces of the play. Another funny section in this play is where Puck puts an ass head on the shoulders of Bottom.

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Dutch Culture Compared to United Arab Emirates and Colombia Essay

Culture can be defined as the way in which a group of people solve problems and reconcile dilemmas. Culture has a high influence in the process of doing business and managing. The main objective of this essay is exposing the main social differences between our host country, the Netherlands, and the two potential export destinations, the United Arab Emirates and Colombia. The main method used to discoverer the cultural differences is based on Parson’s five relational orientations. In terms of relationships and rules Dutch culture is highly universalistic, this means that the behavior from most Dutch individuals tends to be rule-based. In Dutch society, every person is treated the same; there are no exceptions to the rule. In situations such as asking a special favor from a friend that would violate Dutch legislation, it is likely that the friend will deny the request. The situation is the opposite in both Colombia and the United Arab Emirates, both societies being fairly particularistic. Judgments in these countries tend to focus on the nature of the present circumstances, rather than the general rule. Colombians would not think twice before helping a good friend in the previously mentioned situation, neither would Emiratis. Exporting flowers to a particularistic country would imply careful considerations in terms of negotiating contracts, timing a business trip, and job incentives and rewards. Negotiating contracts in the Netherlands is a common business standard, yet it might be seen as an offensive display of mistrust to your business partners when setting up a venture in the UAE. Particularistic cultures value personal relationships more highly than legal documents, and will commit to all verbal agreements in order to maintain a worthy business partner. In terms of Human Resource Management the Dutch manager in a Particularistic culture will have to understand the importance of relationships and focus on building informal networks to create private understandings. The next highly influential factor that could affect any business relationship between the three countries is the way feelings are demonstrated within society. Colombian culture is particularly affective; they tend to publicly display any emotions that arise at any given moment. The UAE and the Netherlands, while more emotionally neutral than Colombia, are situated in the middle of the rank. It is the norm to see a Colombian worker screaming, enraged after a certain project failed, yet this does not mean that he is more emotionally affected than a Dutchman in his same situation, the Colombian just expresses his anger in a different manner. Another notable difference between affective and neutral cultures is their tone of voice. In Latin cultures, such as Colombia, tone of voice tends to swift from low to high tones, demonstrating emotional attachment behind what is being said. For more neutral cultures, like the UAE, this might seem distractive and exaggerated. Our Dutch manager will most likely have no problems when dealing with Emirati employees; on the other hand he should avoid being emotionally unattached in order to gain the affection of his Colombian co-workers. How people accord status to each member in society is another highly variable factor that should distinguished between the three previously mentioned countries. Every society gives some members a higher status than others; the difference is on which basis do they do so. Achievement-oriented societies focus on the personal accomplishments. Ascriptive societies, conversely, place emphasis and are more influenced by the virtue of a person’s age, class, gender, education and so on. Both Colombia and the UAE are considered to be highly ascriptive societies, the Netherlands lies somewhere in the middle. Members or friends of the governing families in ascriptive countries have quasi supra-legal powers and advantages over the rest of the population. This can have serious effects on the way business is conducted. One example of a situation where the Dutch company could encounter problems is when sending a bright young manager to negotiate with a team of senior Emirati CEOs. While the Dutch manager could be more than capable of managing the situation, the Emirati CEOs would not take him seriously and might even feel insulted. It is therefore recommended that the Dutch company makes sure the negotiation team has an older, formal position-holder to provide a better impression to the Emirati Company. The Human Resource department should also take into account the importance of titles when recruiting employees, as assigning an employee without sufficient titles might cause tension within a work unit. An individualistic society is that in which each individual’s actions are oriented towards the self. On the other end of the spectrum a communitaristic society has common goals and objectives. Dutch society is highly individualistic, Emiratis are somewhere in the middle, and Colombians are highly communitaristic. Colombia’s communitaristic roots lie on both its Catholic beliefs and the influence communism enforced over the country a few decades ago. The implications of setting up a business and employing individuals in a communitaristic society are mostly motivation related. The Dutch manager should assign group-oriented tasks and give credit on a department-based basis, in order to satisfy and motivate Colombian employees. Another factor that should be considered is how responsibility is assimilated in a both societies. Individualistic employees would accept guilt and responsibility in most situations, while communitaristic employees would quickly place blame on his workgroup. When providing negative news managers in Colombia should avoid using â€Å"you† as the object of the sentence, and instead explain the problem indirectly. Finally, the last factor that should be considered when deciding to export abroad is how specific or diffuse a culture is. In specific-oriented cultures each member’s role in society varies according to each particular situation; that is to say, somebody’s manager is only his superior during official corporate situations, in all external situations they are both equal members of society. The Netherlands is ranked as one of the most highly specific cultures in the world, the UAE ranks somewhat below the Netherlands, and Colombia is positioned amongst the most diffuse. It is recommended that managers coming from a specific culture allow private and business issues to interpenetrate. Another issue that should be considered when setting up an HRM strategy in a diffuse culture is the appreciation for ambiguous and vague instructions, which allow for subtle and responsive interpretations through which employees can exercise personal judgment. Due to the cultural similarities between Dutch and Emiratis societies, it would be recommended that the UAE is the chosen country to set up a business venture; however special attention must be given to factors such as the way society accords status, area which the two countries have the greatest differences.

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Media Influence

Media influence or media effects are terms used in media studies, psychology, communication theory and sociology to refer to the theories about the ways the mass media affect how their audiences think and behave. Mass media plays a crucial role in forming and reflecting public opinion, connecting the world to individuals and reproducing the self-image of society. Critiques in the early-to-mid twentieth century suggested that media weaken or delimit the individual's capacity to act autonomously — sometimes being ascribed an influence reminiscent of the telescreens of the dystopian novel 1984. Mid 20th-century empirical studies, however, suggested more moderate effects of the media. Current scholarship presents a more complex interaction between the media and society, with the media on generating information from a network of relations and influences and with the individual interpretations and evaluations of the information provided, as well as generating information outside of media contexts. The consequences and ramifications of the mass media relate not merely to the way newsworthy events are perceived (and which are reported at all), but also to a multitude of cultural influences that operate through the media. The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society. This is predicated upon their ability to reach a wide audience with a strong and influential message. Marshall McLuhan uses the phrase â€Å"the medium is the message† as a means of explaining how the distribution of a message can often be more important than content of the message itself. [1] It is through the persuasiveness of media such as television, radio and print media that messages reach their target audiences. These have been influential media as they have been largely responsible for structuring people's daily lives and routines. 2] Television broadcasting has a large amount of control over the content society watches and the times in which it is viewed. This is a distinguishing feature of traditional media which New media have challenged by altering the participation habits of the public. The internet creates a space for more diverse political opinions, social and cultural viewpoints and a heightened le vel of consumer participation. There have been suggestions that allowing consumers to produce information through the internet will lead to an overload of information. Media Influence Media influence or media effects are terms used in media studies, psychology, communication theory and sociology to refer to the theories about the ways the mass media affect how their audiences think and behave. Mass media plays a crucial role in forming and reflecting public opinion, connecting the world to individuals and reproducing the self-image of society. Critiques in the early-to-mid twentieth century suggested that media weaken or delimit the individual's capacity to act autonomously — sometimes being ascribed an influence reminiscent of the telescreens of the dystopian novel 1984. Mid 20th-century empirical studies, however, suggested more moderate effects of the media. Current scholarship presents a more complex interaction between the media and society, with the media on generating information from a network of relations and influences and with the individual interpretations and evaluations of the information provided, as well as generating information outside of media contexts. The consequences and ramifications of the mass media relate not merely to the way newsworthy events are perceived (and which are reported at all), but also to a multitude of cultural influences that operate through the media. The media has a strong social and cultural impact upon society. This is predicated upon their ability to reach a wide audience with a strong and influential message. Marshall McLuhan uses the phrase â€Å"the medium is the message† as a means of explaining how the distribution of a message can often be more important than content of the message itself. [1] It is through the persuasiveness of media such as television, radio and print media that messages reach their target audiences. These have been influential media as they have been largely responsible for structuring people's daily lives and routines. 2] Television broadcasting has a large amount of control over the content society watches and the times in which it is viewed. This is a distinguishing feature of traditional media which New media have challenged by altering the participation habits of the public. The internet creates a space for more diverse political opinions, social and cultural viewpoints and a heightened le vel of consumer participation. There have been suggestions that allowing consumers to produce information through the internet will lead to an overload of information.

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Thomas Edison, who change the essays

Thomas Edison, who change the essays Thomas Edison was one of the greatest scientists that invented and improved upon things that transformed our world. In his lifetime, Edison patented for more than a thousand inventions, earning him the nickname "The Wizard of Menlo Park." The most famous of his inventions was an incandescent light bulb. Other inventions like the phonograph, the carbon telephone transmitter, and the motion-picture projector are very famous too. In addition, he created the world's first industrial research laboratory which is at the village of Menlo Park, NJ. Some of the inventions, he did not come up with the ideas on his own. He had others help him and work with him and just about all his inventions are things we still use in some form today. Throughout his career, Edison consciously directed his studies to devices that could satisfy real needs and come into popular use. Indeed, it may be said that in applying himself to technology, he was fulfilling the ideals of democracy, for he centered his atte ntion upon projects that would increase the convenience and pleasure of mankind. The reason why I chose Thomas Edison to write about is because light bulb is a very essential invention in our daily life. Back in the 1800s, people have to stop what they were doing when the night arrives and prepare to go to sleep or light up a candle or lantern if their family could afford it. And because of Edisons invention, night is no longer dark and scary to others. He promised people that he would invent a safe, mild, and inexpensive electric light that would replace the gaslight in millions of homes; moreover, he would accomplish this by an entirely different method of current distribution from that used for arc lights. And I personally admired his invention because I cannot live without light and I believe everybody is like that. ...

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Thanking a Professor for Writing a Recommendation Letter

Thanking a Professor for Writing a Recommendation Letter Recommendation letters are vital to your graduate school application. Its likely that you will need at least three letters and it can be hard to determine who to ask. Once you have professors in mind, they  agree to write a letter, and your application is submitted, your next step should be a simple thank you note showing your appreciation. Letters of recommendation  are a lot of work for professors and they  are asked to write a number of them each year. Unfortunately, the majority of students dont bother with a follow-up. Why Send a Thank-You Note? At its most basic, taking a few minutes to send a thank-you note is a common act of courtesy for someone who has taken the time to do you a favor, but it can also work to your benefit.A thank-you note helps you stand out from the other students and will help keep you in the writers good graces. After all, you may need a letter again in the future for another school or even a job. Recommendation Letters An effective grad school recommendation letter explains the basis for the evaluation. It may be based on your performance in the classroom, your  work as a research assistant  or a mentee, or any other interaction you had with faculty. Professors often take great pains to write letters that honestly discuss your potential for graduate study. They will take the time to include  specific details and examples that illustrate why youre a  good fit for the graduate program. They will also consider other factors to suggest that you will be successful in grad school and beyond. Their letters are not simply saying, Shell do great. Writing helpful letters takes time, effort, and considerable thought. Professors do not take this lightly and theyre not required to do it.  Whenever someone does something of this magnitude for you, its nice to  show your appreciation for their time and attention. Offer a Simple Thank You Graduate school is a big deal  and your professors are playing an important role in helping you get there. A thank you letter need not be lengthy or overly detailed. A  simple note will do. You can do this as soon as the application is in, though you might also want to follow-up once youre accepted to share your good news. Your thank you letter can be a nice email. Its certainly the quicker option, but your professors may also appreciate a simple card. Mailing a letter is not out of style and a handwritten letter has a personal  touch. It shows that you wanted to spend extra time to thank them for the time they put into your letter. Now that youre convinced that sending a letter is a good idea, what do you write? Below is a sample but you should tailor it to your situation and your relationship with your professor. A Sample Thank You Note Dear Dr. Smith, Thank you for taking the time to write on my behalf for my graduate school application. I appreciate your support throughout this process. I will keep you updated about my progress in applying to graduate school. Thanks again for your assistance. It is much appreciated. Sincerely, Sally

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Critique of a research report Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Critique of a report - Research Paper Example 193). Due to a variety of factors such as failure to meet academic guidelines, escalating cost of education, and economic crisis, attrition to nurse anesthesia programs requires attention. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2004) recommended advance practitioners such as nurse anesthetist to have Doctor of Nursing Practice as a terminal degree(Burns, 2011, p. 193). In line with this, reinforcing the need for studying different variables in nurse anesthesia programs and academic progression increased. Despite a 20-year review of the literature, only descriptive or outcome studies were found to demonstrate the relationship between preadmission variables and academic progression. The research paper lacks empirical studies and evidences linking preadmission variables, academic progression, and attrition. Thus, limited number of available information and literature reviews requires the need for future researches. The research paper aims to study the relationship between admi ssion criteria, critical care, and academic progression to nurse anesthesia programs.

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The Damned Human Race Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Damned Human Race - Essay Example To start with, his gains credibility through his proves that man is crueler as opposed to the other species. This is witnessed when he observed that, men hunted and killed seventy-two buffalo for sport and used only half leaving seventy-one and half buffalos to rot. To show the difference between man and other species he put seven young calves in a cafà ©, a reptile eats only one of them and does not harm the rest, and despite doing the same with other species, the result remained the same. He further shows cruelty of human race as his the only species that tries to eliminate his own kind by slaughtering strangers of his own kind as it was witnessed in the Zulu war by prince Napoleon and in day today in Afghanistan and Iraq a trait that no other species possess. Through this arguments and use of ethos and pathos, it is evident that Man is crueler as opposed to other species, which makes him less as compared to other species (Twain and Nicholls) The trait of greedy is also evident in the human race as opposed to other races. This is observed when he uses an example of gathering habits of man as compared to those of animals. Human race accumulated more millions of money and still have a great desire for more even more that they will never use in their lifetime but is just to appease their desire. Animals have the same chance to accumulate as much food as they can, but they gather only what they need for their survival, this was witnessed in animals like Squirrels, bees, birds and ants. Through his well-argued example, the human race is greedy but other species are not, and this also makes his essay a successful one (Twain and Watson). The human race is also the species that show slavery. Slavery has been witnessed in the scramble for land by use of force and bloodshed. This slavery never ended but is still practiced in one way or other. Man has always been

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Vera Drake Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Vera Drake - Movie Review Example The really shocking element with Vera is that she is introduced as completely dedicated to her family and her duties as wife and mother. Keeping this horrible secret from her family and being undisturbed for many years, for her this was a regular visit to someone's house and helping them out of the situation. At the time single women in particular would be socially and economically condemned if they got an illegitimate child. So in order to avoid the catastrophic situation, women would do anything to save their social appearance and image. What the film tries to imply to the audience is that the heroine acts on the bases of her own principles and she is guided by her good will to save the women and empower them with the right to decide for themselves what is best for them. What we do not expect from the movie is that such a kind and agreeable, wife and mother would ever thought of performing illegal abortions at a time when social norms and restrictions do not justify it. Vera possesses the inner strength and stamina to do these procedures and she is always soothing the misfortune women showing deep understanding and support for their situation. The director very carefully explores and plays with the roles that Vera fulfills - wife, mother and criminal. Though we are introduced to Vera's family, friends and social surrounding we are never given the argument what made Vera into practicing the then illegal abortions. So we can only assume that she is doing it out of her good will and belief that she is helping. She is supported by her response when the inspector comes into her home. In fact, they never ask her what she is doing, she gives her in by admitting that she knows already why they are here. And she replies: "I help girls out." Using this euphem ism leads us to believe that her desire is to aid the girls. Vera's action can be best described as "getting girls out of trouble". Another evidence of her good will is that she is not taking money. Instead she is brought food or milk or other ingredients. When asked about that she is repulsed. It seems that her explanation is far more complicated than simply gaining extra cash. Vera's discreet services and house to house visits give away that she is oblivious about taking advantage of women's situations and instead risks it all - her family and her good name in order to assist the women in their desire to make abortion. The audience is also given other perspectives after Vera's arrest. We have Reg's opinion (Vera's daughter potential husband) - "It ain't fair. Me mum brought up six of us in two rooms. If you can't feed 'em, you can't love 'em, now can you" His point shows understanding about the role that women play as mothers, homemakers and care providers. Vera has very affectionate bond with her husband - Stan. What he thinks about her arrest is that "Whatever she done, she done it out of the goodness of her heart!" Since the viewers have to rely on clues that other characters give away, Stan and Reg provide us with possible explanations why Vera initiated her actions. The reason for Vera's arrest is a life threatening mishap that happened to one of her customers a daughter of a wealthy bourgeoisie family for whom Vera cleans. Susan's desperation is as intense as Vera's

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Customer Oriented E-Commerce Website

Customer Oriented E-Commerce Website Task 1: As a IT Project Manager along with Marketing officer you should visit a company XYZ to propose them to divert all the activities into IT based. Your proposal report should be SMART and must be follow the following criteria: * It should identify the project scope, functionality and consumption resources. * Your proposal should clearly mention the project objective, goal, outcome and time frame. The key Objective of our project is that it is a customer oriented e-commerce website. People can directly purchase without wasting the time. In todays hasty world time is a prime factor. People can directly buy Tshirt stuffs and other clothings with the help of our e-commerce portal. This is completely customer based or we can say B2C i.e, Business to Customer. The latest fashion arrival is available on our website with cheaper prices. GOAL: The Goal of our project is to create an online e-commerce service which is specialised in Tshirt accessories with todays fashion world. We have our own house and some business tie ups with vendors to sell the t-shirt apparels. Phase-2: (Project Planning). Assume that you get this project. IT Manager and Marketing Officer make a plan how the project will complete. Being the project manager (Simran) I have assigned the work to my dedicated team. My team members (Simran, vipul, Amrit, sukhwinder, Rajwinder). Our complete project will be done by the every members effort. The tasks are divided as per the time frame. During the first week of the project we create a complete layout for the project requirements. The design phase will then be conducted during the second week, In design phase we will create two phases one is customer oriented. Customers can view the products and can purchase online. The second phase of design is accessible by the owner of the site. The owner can edit the products, set the prices and also remove the products or we can say any update he can perform via backend operations. The most important phase i.e., data based will be conducted on the third week. The php my admin will be used for this because of its greater flexibility and availability of code m is easier with this. The connectivity will be done in the next session of the week. Therefore, database connectivity will be done in the 4th week. The fifth week will be of our group meeting in which we will thoroughly revised the project between us and discuss with each and every group member. So that we can get to know any pitfall (if it occurs). Thus the feasibility of our project can be obtained. The sixth week is our submission time domain to our client. We will discuss the project with our client . TASK 2(LO 1) 2.1 Create a project description (project description should be distinguish between program, sub project and project. Your proposal of the project should be identifies the following criteria: 2.2 Analysis of the project function which include dependencies, IT resources, manpower, time consumption and total cost. The analysis of our project with respect to dependencies, IT resources, manpower, time consumption and total cost can be defined as below: Dependencies: The project is designed in html, php, css style. The database is stored in XAMPP. IT resources: local host , 4 laptops Manpower: There is a vital role of our entire team behind this project. Contribution of each and every person is reliable and there is manpower of five people is applied for this project. I would like to mention the name of our team members who contributes towards the success of this project. The resource people are: Simran, Vipul, Amrit, Sukhwinder, Rajwinder . Time consumption: The total time consumed for the development of this project is almost 6 weeks. Per week three days are contributed. Each day consist of 8 hours. Total Cost : The total investment for this project is NZD5000 2.3 Develop a Gantt Chart that must include the following information: Task number and task name Time frames for the completion of each task (start and end dates) Float time to mention the time delay probability between each task Add milestone Successor and predecessor(dependencies) Gantt Chart legend 2.4 Analysis the risk factor and contingency plan to avoid the risk during project period. The risk factor for this project may be the hardware get crashed, software may be get corrupted. Lost of data and other important files, People involved in this project may be withdrawal due to their personal issues or may be due to any other reason. The total budget for be project may be detained if investors step back. The contingency plan to avoid the risk during project period are For Hardware crash issue, we will consider the additional laptops and other machine. To avoid the software corruption we will use the valid and updated versions of softwares. 2.5 Distribute role and responsibilities among the group member and set the milestone. Use the Waterfall Model (Requirement Analysis, Design, Programming source code, Testing, Documentation) from software development life cycle to categories your task: Phase-3 (Manage the project) You should Team leader of your group will be responsible for manage the project. TASK-3: (LO 5,2,3) 3.1 Develop your project according to the plan. The project is developed according to the plan. The Plan of our project is discussed as follows: Our project is about the E-Commerce website. We are creating a web portal for E-Commerce. Our client business is related to the garments that specialized with T-shirts and shirts. Our project is completely based upon the requirements of our client. We are creating a online E-Commerce website for this. To meet the challenges of todays scenario of dynamic websites. Our team decided to make this project in HTML, PHP is used for the backend server side programming as its of dynamic nature. We also use local host. And for database we are using PHPMyAdmin. 3.2 Analysis the project status, milestone and project progress rate. 3.3 Make a plan against the project progress and project plan (if any). The project plan is carried out so that each and every aspect of the project could be run out. The strategies are quite simple and up to the point. During the first day we made a pen and paper layout as per the requirements of our client. Then we transformed this into the designing structure. The website design was carried out . We used html, CSS, PHP for backend. The database is designed by using PhpMy Admin. This was done in the 2nd and 3rd week. After this , we implement the design into the running platform and also provide the useful structural approach for this. The next phase of verification of code was conducted. In this phase each code is run separately and tested accordingly. 3.4 Analysis the risk (manpower, resources) and make a project plan so that project can meet the timeframe. The risk factors that affect our project can be resources related and manpower related. The people engaged in the project, they may leave the project due to any reason (it might be their personal etc.) The resources related issue can be caused if any failure may occur that may be related to hardware failure or software failure. Phase- 4 (Test and Review the final project) TASK- 4(LO7) You need to keep records of day to day activity of your project. You will maintain a separate journal in which you will enter these daily activities. These activities will range from non-technical to technical activities. The journal will be maintained on an individual basis. 4.1 Use a Microsoft office software (world/excel) to maintain your journal. Put data and name of the day each separate entry. 4.2 You have to keep a record of the Minutes of Meeting which you have held with your client. Use the following format to record the minutes of all meetings: Project Name Project Manager Team Members Attended Clients Attended Date and Time Minutes 4.3 Create a User Manual document to support your project. This is a separate document. This document will help your client on critical factors, how to use the program and quality of the program. It is necessary to include the following items to complete your user manual: a) User manual cover sheet b) Table of contents c) Introduction d) System requirements/specifications e) List of available functions f) Description of each function detailing the purpose with screen shot and how to use these functions. g) Frequently asked questions (FAQ) h) Index and keywords (Glossary) 4.4 (LO6 and LO7): Prepare a group presentation to demonstrate your project to your client. This will help u=your client to review and propose changes accordingly. Note these proposals as you will making changes to your project after this presentation. Your presentation must cover the following topics: a) Group members introduction b) Project Introduction c) Functions demonstration d) Question and Answers e) Conclusion Each of your group members will be judged for their professional behaviour and actions during the presentation as well as the whole project. You will be judged for. Meeting and greeting: You will be judged on how you meet and greet people related to the project. This will also include your group members. Adopt words like Please and Thank you in your conversation. Avoid words that may be offensive to other people. Appearance: Appearance is an important aspect of this project. You will be assessed on your overall appearance (Avoid casual dressing). Eye contact : Maintain eye contact at all times while delivering your presentation. Organization: You will be appraised on the contribution you have made towards your project. You must always be well prepared and know the progress of your project. Your attendance and punctuality will be a key aspect for this project. Body language: Your gestures and postures while delivering the presentation will be evaluated.

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Derek Jeter: Before A World Champion Essay -- Biography Biographies Bi

The Life of Derek Jeter: Before a World Champion "Derek Jeter, a professional ballplayer for the YankeesÂ…" are the exact words Derek Jeter, himself, used in his eighth-grade yearbook (Jeter xvi). For as long as he could remember, Jeter has longed to be a New York Yankee. Fifteen years after predicting he would be a professional ballplayer for the Yankees, Derek Jeter is now more than a Yankee. Jeter isn't only a Yankee; he is a family guy and a World Champion. His career started when he was five years old, and everything has evolved from there. Sports fans know what life for Derek Jeter is now, but what was life like before he became a world champion, superstar, and captain of the New York Yankees. Derek Jeter's life is started and baseball is about to be changed forever. On June 26, 1974, Charles and Dorothy Jeter gave birth to one of the greatest athletes today, Derek Jeter, in Pequannock, New Jersey (Biography par 1). Charles, being caucasian, and Dorothy, being African American, gave Derek his tan complexion. For the next four years Jeter lived in New Jersey within 30 miles of Yankee Stadium (Biography par 1). Not knowing at the time that he would end up back in New York as a Yankee, Jeter's family moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan where Derek was able to start playing baseball at the age of five, and would spend the summers with his grandma in New Jersey (Biography par 1). She persuaded him to be a Yankee fan by taking him to multiple games during the summer at Yankee Stadium. Soon, Jeter would come to idolize Dave Winfield (Biography par 1), who played outfield for the Yankees from 1981 to 1988 (Winfield), and was later inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Now that Jeter has been exposed to baseball and Yankee... ... healthy lifestyle. It also taught kids to "turn away" from substances such as drugs and alcohol. From the time Jeter was born he should have been put in a Yankee uniform. He was born to play baseball and he obviously realized that. With his hard work and effort, he now is Captain of the New York Yankees. But without his hard work, dedication, and family support, Jeter wouldn't be anywhere near a Yankee. Now a four time World Champion and two times MVP of the World Series. Jeter continues to work hard and accomplish more and more goals. Derek Jeter will soon be remembered as one of the best players to ever play the game of baseball. Works Cited 1. Jeter, Derek. The Life You Imagine: Life Lessons for achieving you're dreams. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2000. 2. Derek Jeter-Biography. 1 Nov 2006 . 3. Dave Winfield-Fielding. 30 Oct 2006 .

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Swot Analysis of Sony Corporation

SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS OFSONY  CORPORATION&L. G COMPANY STRENGHTS  Of  SONY  CORPORATION ? Strong Brand Image ? Worldwide Reputation ? High Market Share ? High Quality Products ? High Technology ? Pioneer in the Industry as Being Creative and Innovative ? Supports R&D Activites ? Diversification in Manufacturing Locations Around the World ? Ability to Provide High Motivation to Its Employees ? Loyal Customers STRENGHTS Of L. G SWOT ANALYSIS ? Market leader in home appliances. ? Has got manufacturing unit in tax incentive . ? Wide range of products to serve  all categories. ?Widest distribution network in the industry(47barnches,10000 trade partners). ? Good after sales service offered. WEAKNESSES  OF  SONY  CORPORATION ? Over self-confidence which’s level sometimes reaches notpaying attention to their rivals. ? Diversifications in unsuitable businesses for itself. ? They insist on their own formats. ? Competitively high prices. WEAKNESSES OF L. G ? Samsung being its competitor provides similar  products. ? Consumers compare L. G with Samsung its Korean rival  notwith other global companies. ? Lack of expert operators for complex machines due toilliteracy and lack of training in India. SWOT ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES  OF  SONY  CORPORATION ? Continuous growth in their sectors. ? Increasing demand in technological products around theworld OPPORTUNITIES OF L. G ? Fast growth of the home appliances market ? Shifting to rural areas ? Thus maintaining  control over  the market  and  the highestshare in home appliances market THREATS  OF  SONY CORPORATION ? Strong competiton in the market. ? Short product lifecycle. ? Imitation of brand name and technology THREATS OF L. G ? Close competitors like Samsung are compared to it. ? Price war with Samsung. ? Competition from Indian brand and other foreign brands. ~

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Gender, Culture and the Media Essay

Media, in the context required, is a term used to define an interactive transmission that is visualized and then especially designed to reach a large audience, for e. g. a whole nation. These audiences, however, are very different from one another, depending on their culture and gender identities. The variance in culture and sexual identities, have an obvious impact on media which is why there is a dire need for exploring the relationship between the two. The most important tool in exploring and understanding the relationship between media and culture is communication. This is because communication plays a very effective role in the manner through which interaction is carried out with the masses (Gaunlett, 2002). For this purpose, extreme emphasis is given to the cultural differences that may occur. Such is the case of international campaigns or chains of restaurants; whenever they want to promote any product, they have to consider the differences, and keeping these differences in mind, they alter their product accordingly for e. g. , McDonalds in India, do not usually serve their people beef burgers as cow is sacred to them. Likewise, Indian people can relate more to it than others who are just viewing this product on an Indian channel. On this note, I would like to add that it is also a TV channel’s responsibility to be aware of the ethics with regard to culture. Although, media is known to show us situation and relationships from other people’s point-of-view, the impact is originated from a certain culture or social class, for that matter. However, it has been changing from time to time with the global development. So, we can say that the relationship between media and gender today, is different from how it was years ago. The reason is because people’s thought have changed in the passing years, the role models have changed and the attitudes of people have changed, which without doubt influences media. It is for these contemporary audiences that the media has to alter whatever it promotes, in the manner that is much acceptable to them. The rest is mere perception on the audience’s part. Talking about the perception of various people and how they interact with things like talk shows, MTV, the Internet, soap operas, television sitcoms, dramatic series etc. , it is very likely to notice that the people interact with the media on the basis of their culture and gender identities (Dines, 2008). An example is that of Lorillard’s Newport cigarettes, introduced in 1957, which after its struggle period in the early stages of introduction, became very popular with the African American crowd. Another comment on the same example is that Newport cigarettes contain menthol, which is supposed to be associated with women mostly. Relating this with media, the advertisements for this brand also focused on African American people in the beginning, as they had identified them as their target market. With the change in society and changing views of people, Newport gained its market recognition and broadened their target market and today it owns a most coveted place in the tobacco industry. In the society that we live in today, people dedicate a lot of time to television, magazines, surfing the net, and other publications. As a result, it is very inevitable to say that they come across culture and advertising almost everyday. Among these people, a large segment belongs to the younger generation, who are particularly sensitive and relatively effected much easily by the same. Childhood culture is an inter-textual universe which connects TV programs to movies, videogames, toys, T-shirts, shoes, games, crayons, coloring books, bed linens and towels, pencil cases, lunch boxes etc. This is where the impact part comes into play, which media has on children and that which the children have on the media (Geertz, 1977). One of the greatest impacts of the above stated example on media is that when a television program (for kids) is produced, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. Not too much violence, abusive language or false imagery should be used. As far as sexual identity is concerned, men and women have different views, likes and dislikes, regarding different things. Women are more likely to read magazines like Gourmet, Culinary Trends, Bon Appetite, Food and Wine etc. Lately, men have also developed a similar trend in reading magazines but there choices are those like Extreme Sports, Chicago Sports, and Sports Illustration etc. Another aspect is that of men leading the global scene. When it comes to voiceovers, men dominate, regardless of the product. Men continue to work in their late ages on screen whereas women tend to disappear in their late thirties. Facial lines and grey hair are considered to be signs of maturity in males, while the same would pronounce females ‘old’ and not fit for TV (Buikema, 2009). On the other hand, it is also reported to have said that with the developing sense of equality with regard to sexes, the Times magazine cover wondered if feminism was dead in June 1998. To sum up, the media shows us situations and relationships from other people’s point-of-view and we begin to think that we can now see ‘how the world works’, in lives other than our own. Soap-operas showing how neighbors, friends and lovers interact with each other are not behaviors that the media has created by itself. It is the likes of people that have affected media to follow the same. That too, varies from culture to culture. Some counties believe in open cultures while others observe closed culture where too much intimacy and involvement is not look upon as appropriate. People claim that the reference points for them are film and TV but actually it’s the way round- people, their cultures and genders influence upon the way they interact with the media. References: Buikema, R. , Tuin I. , (2008), â€Å"Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture†. Routledge Dines G. , McMahon J. , (2008), â€Å"Gender, Race, and Class in Media: A Text-reader†. Sage Publications Gauntlett D. , (2002), â€Å"Media, Gender, and Identity: An Introduction†. Routledge Geertz, C. (1977). The Interpretation of Cultures. Basic Books

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How to Increase Your Chances for SSD Application Approval

How to Increase Your Chances for SSD Application Approval Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Increase Your Chances for SSD Application Approval Do you suffer from an injury or illness that prevents you from working like you did before or this injury keeps you from adjusting to a new line of work?Are you worried about your eligibility of qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits? If so, chances are you are not alone.The Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that:1-in-4  20-year-old workers in the U.S. will become disabled before reaching retirement age.1-in-5  Americans (56 million) live with some form of disability.1-in-10  Americans (38 million) suffer from a severe disability.Fortunately, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. These benefits may represent only a portion of the income you previously earned. However, they can still play a major role in helping you and your family to meet your monthly expenses.Click here to  See our infographic  Top 5 Things You Need to Know to increase your chances for SSD application approvalHow Do You Qualify for SSD Benefits?To be eligible for SSD benefits, you must meet the SSA’s work and medical requirements. Let’s look quickly at each one:Work requirement– You must have paid into the program through the taxes deducted from your earnings. Generally, this means that you must have earned: o  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   At least 40 work credits. o  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   With 20 of those credits earned in the 10 years before your disability arose.However, if you are a younger person, you may qualify with fewer work credits.Medical requirement– You must meet the SSA’s definition of â€Å"disabled.† This means that you suffer from a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that: o  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Prevents you from engaging in substantial gainful activity and o  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Has lasted or is expected to last for at least 12 consecutive months or to result in death.In Michigan, your medical eligibility will be determined by a Disability Determination Services ( DDS) examiner in Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City or Kalamazoo.How Do You Apply for SSD Benefits in Michigan?You must prepare your application and submit it in one of three ways:Use the SSA’s online application form.Call the SSA at  (800) 772-1213  or (800) 325-0778 (TTY) and mail in your documentation.Go in person to your local SSA field office in Michigan.What Happens If Your Application for Benefits Is Denied?Many people experience the frustration of seeing their application for SSD benefits denied. If you find yourself in this situation, you can request a hearing at your nearest Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Michigan.The good news: You have a  49.14 percent  chance of getting your application approved at the hearing level in Michigan.The bad news: In Michigan, on average, it takes  516 days  to process your case. The processing time includes waiting, on average,  17.2 months  for your hearing.Consider this chart, which shows informa tion for Michigan’s seven ODAR offices for the 2016 fiscal year:Sources: can file an appeal with the Appeals Council if your application is denied after a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. If you are denied again, you can file a lawsuit in the nearest U.S. District Court.What Can You Do to Help Your Application Get Approved?If you believe that you qualify for SSD benefits, you should stay determined and keep fighting. However, each stage of an appeal can add significantly more time to your case.This is why you should do as much as possible to get your application approved at the initial stage. Here are five ways to improve your chances1. Establish That Your Income Does Not Exceed The SGA Threshold.To be considered â€Å"disabled,† you cannot earn monthly incom e above the â€Å"substantial gainful activity† (SGA) threshold. The SSA adjusts this threshold every year. In 2017, it is:$1,170per month for non-blind individuals$1,950per month for blind individuals.When you apply for benefits, provide accurate and up-to-date information about your income. To support your claim, you should provide documentation such as pay stubs and W2 forms.2. Provide Complete And Relevant Medical Information.Your application must establish that you suffer from a qualifying disability. For this reason, you need to provide complete and relevant medical information.You must provide medical records from an accepted medical source such as your treating doctor. These records could include:X-ray, MRI or CT scan resultsBlood and other test resultsTreatment plansPrescription information.These records need to establish the onset date of your disability. They should also show the nature and severity of your condition. Ultimately, these records should demonstrate ho w your condition limits your ability to work.Finally, provide the names and contact information for your regular doctor or any other physician who has diagnosed and treated your condition.All of this information will be helpful to the DDS examiner who reviews your application.3. Ask Your Doctor To Provide A Written Statement.The SSA gives significant weight to the opinion of your treating physician. It will help your application if you ask your doctor to provide DDS with his or her assessment of your â€Å"residual functional capacity† (RFC).Your doctor can describe your symptoms. The doctor can also discuss the likely course of your condition as you receive treatment . Most importantly, the doctor can give his or her professional view on whether you can meet the physical, mental, sensory, and other requirements of working.4. Cooperate With The DDS Examiner.Your goal should be to give the DDS examiner who reviews your case as much information as the examiner needs to make a d ecision on your claim.However, in some cases, an examiner may want more medical evidence and ask you to undergo a consultative examination. This is a physical or mental examination by an independent doctor. The SSA will pay for this examination.You should comply with this request in order to keep the review of your application moving forward.5. Stay On Top Of The Review.If you do not get a response after a long period of time, it may be a good idea to check on whether the DDS examiner needs any additional information. Additionally, you should make sure that you have provided your current contact information.Applying for SSD Benefits in Michigan? We Can HelpIf you are considering whether to apply for SSD benefits, or if you have already started the process and need help, contact us for a free case review. We serve clients throughout the state of Michigan. We can guide you through the process of applying for benefits and fight for you on appeal if your claim is denied.

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Louis Sullivan essays

Louis Sullivan essays The Autobiography of an Idea was published 1924. Louis Sullivan wrote this autobiography as a way to let you know who he was and what he believed in. He felt that his life was dedicated in forming a new style of architecture that would set the United States apart from the European countries. He wanted to break away from the tradition styles that have been used for the last century and a half. This tribute shows you that architecture was his passion, and he wanted everyone to follow him. Louis Sullivan was born on September 3rd 1856 in Boston, Massachusetts. His father Patrick, and his mother Andrienne, had a rough way of life. They both made their way to America from different regions of Europe. Louis was raised by his parents until he was the age of five. He then was taken to his grandparents in a small town called South Reading. As he grew he found that he enjoyed to art of dancing and began to love natures beauty. Louiss father opened a summer school in Newburyport. Patrick had told Andrienne that her parents were too soft for their son, and they pampered him. His mother arrived to reclaim her son and also to visit with her parents. Soon after, both left for Newburyport by train. He later endured another move, the return to Boston. Here he would join another school that would help him with his creative mind. At the age of 9 Louis was enrolled in The New Rice Grammar School. He later entered the Boston English High School where he dropped out at the age of 16 to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After only one year he dropped out once again to move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to live with his grandparents. In Philadelphia, while living with his grandparents, he decided he would try to gain employment with Furness and Hewitt. He later had a disagreement with George Hewitt and moved to Chicago, Illinois with his parents. There he gained employment with William Jenney. ...

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Ceramic Definition and Chemistry

Ceramic Definition and Chemistry The word ceramic comes from the Greek word keramikos, which means of pottery. While the earliest ceramics were pottery, the term encompasses a large group of materials, including some pure elements. A ceramic is an inorganic, nonmetallic solid, generally based on an oxide, nitride, boride, or carbide, that is fired at a high temperature. Ceramics may be glazed prior to firing to produce a coating that reduces porosity and has a smooth, often colored surface. Many ceramics contain a mixture of ionic and covalent bonds between atoms. The resulting material may be crystalline, semi-crystalline, or vitreous. Amorphous materials with similar composition are generally termed glass. The four main types of ceramics are whitewares, structural ceramics, technical ceramics, and refractories. Whitewares include cookware, pottery, and wall tiles. Structural ceramics include bricks, pipes, roofing tiles, and floor tiles. Technical ceramics are also know as special, fine, advanced, or engineered ceramics. This class includes bearings, special tiles (e.g. spacecraft heat shielding), biomedical implants, ceramic brakes, nuclear fuels, ceramic engines,  and ceramic coatings. Refractories are ceramics used to make crucibles, line kilns, and radiate heat in gas fireplaces. How Ceramics Are Made Raw materials for ceramics include clay, kaolinate, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide, and certain pure elements. The raw materials are combined with water to form a mix that can be shaped or molded. Ceramics are difficult to work after they are made, so usually they are shaped into their final desired forms. The form is allowed to dry and is fired in an oven called a kiln. The firing process supplies the energy to form new chemical bonds in the material (vitrification) and sometimes new minerals (e.g., mullite forms from kaolin in the firing of porcelain). Waterproof, decorative, or functional glazes may be added prior to the first firing or may require a subsequent firing (more common). The first firing of a ceramic yields a product called the bisque. The first firing burns off organics and other volatile impurities. The second (or third) firing may be called glazing. Examples and Uses  of Ceramics Pottery, bricks, tiles, earthenware, china, and porcelain are common examples of ceramics. These materials are well-known for use in building, crafting, and art. There are many other ceramic materials: In the past, glass was considered a ceramic, because its an inorganic solid that is fired and treated much like a ceramic. However, because glass is an amorphous solid, glass is usually considered to be a separate material. The ordered internal structure of ceramics plays a large role in their properties.Solid pure silicon and carbon may be considered to be ceramics. In a strict sense, a diamond could be called a ceramic.Silicon carbide and tungsten carbide are technical ceramics that have high abrasion resistance, making them useful for body armor, wear plates for mining, and machine components.Uranium oxide (UO2 is a ceramic used as a nuclear reactor fuel.Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is used to make ceramic knife blades, gems, fuel cells, and oxygen sensors.Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a semiconductor.Boron oxide is used to make body armor.Bismuth strontium copper oxide and magnesium diboride (MgB2) are superconductors.Steatite (magnesium silicate) is used as an electrical insulator.Barium titanate is used to make heating elements, capacitors, transducers, and data storage elements. Ceramic artifacts are useful in archaeology and paleontology because their chemical composition can be used to identify their origin. This includes not only the composition of clay, but also that of the temper the materials added during production and drying. Properties of Ceramics Ceramics include such a wide variety of materials that its difficult to generalize their characteristics. Most ceramics exhibit the following properties: High hardnessUsually brittle, with poor toughnessHigh melting pointChemical resistancePoor electrical and thermal conductivityLow ductilityHigh modulus of elasticityHigh compression strengthOptical transparency to a variety of wavelengths Exceptions include superconducting and piezoelectric ceramics. Related Terms The science of the preparation and characterization of ceramics is called ceramography. Composite materials are made up of more than one class of material, which may include ceramics. Examples of composites include carbon fiber and fiberglass. A cermet is a type of composite material containing ceramic and metal. A glasss of glass-ceramics include glass stove tops and the glass composite used to bind nuclear waste for disposal.