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Effect of Phone Type on Texting Frequency

Effect of Phone Type on Texting FrequencyTexting and rambling Phones among Fourth Year High domesticate Students in Saint Augustines SchoolB eacho stinkpotag, Brian EmilDungan, DonElliseFrancisco, Ralph VincentJacinto, Arvin JhayJavillionar, Kevin JaysonLaplana, Clifford SeanLite, GwynetteManzano, AixelNicolas, RinalynTacho, Mariella Stephanie LyneAbstractThis reputation was concluded to give an answer to the line if there is re everyy a epochal offspring of the causaof wide awake call offs to the frequency of texting. The researchers distributed 24 copies of questionnaire to the Junior and Senior students of Saint Augustines School, 2014-2015, to know if how many generation do they text daily using the type of meandering(a) knells that they stick. The Chi-Squ atomic subprogram 18 Test of In count onence was used to foot race the nonentity hypothesis. The researchers accepted the nonentity hypothesis since the P- take to be was more(prenominal) than the significat ion aim 0.05. Thus, it was concluded that the frequency of texting is non dependent on the type of wandering headphone.IntroductionMobile Phones atomic number 18 capacious for talking to someone without seeing his/her face. But theyre also great for messaging especially text messaging, to get in touch with our love ones and even some strangers without having a phone call which really requires cost.Often, we blink our uns confuse phones simply because they are smartphones and were manufactured by some of the renowned companies in the field of gadgets. We care less the phones that are locally-made and classical. Some generation, we are cordial of using the popular-branded smartphones because they are being advertised in the television and we have ont want to be left behind by the high-tech and industrialized world.At present, we are attracted to expensive and high-class brand of mobile phones. We often believe in some electric cell phone companies utter that their produc ts are better than their competitors products. We are then persuaded and lured by them that we begin to patronize and buy their mobile phones without so much hesitation. And our biggest and some specific reason is that, we text more when using them than when using the old-branded and conventionality mobile phones.Is there really a relationship amidst texting and the type of mobile phone?Teenagers from the wealthier mansion and who own the brands of the top five mobile phone manufacturer smart phones use text message somewhat more frequent than teens who own the low-end standard mobile phones and from lower income household (PewInternet, 2009).The objective of this study was to determine if there is a relationship betwixt texting and the type of mobile phone.This study did non include the originality of the mobile phones that the interviewees have. It did not matter if they were imitated or not.Those Grade-9 and 4th course students of Saint Augustines School, year 2014-2015, were the ones who were interviewed.Mobile PhonesSmartphonesSmartphone, refers to mobile phone which works like personal computers, has an freelance operating system. Users can install software and games provided by the third political party service providers, in order to extend the function of the mobile phone. And it can connect to mobile Internet through mobile communication interlock followed (Kumar, March 2012).TextingFrequencyThe volume of texting among teens has risen from 50 texts a daylight in 2009 to 60 texts for the median teen text user. Older teens, boys, and blacks are leading the increase. Texting is the dominant daily mode of communication between teens and all those with whom they communicate (Lenhart, 2012).Teen textingThe Pew Internet survey shows that the heaviest texters are also the heaviest talkers. The heaviest texters (those who exchange more than 100 texts a day) are much more likely than lighter texters to say that they talk on their cell phone daily. S ome 69% of heavy texters talk daily on their cell phones, compared with 46% of medium texters (those exchanging 21-100 texts a day) and 43% of light texters (those exchanging 0-20 texts a day) (Lenhart, 2012).The null hypothesis was there is no significant effect of the type of mobile phone on the frequency of texting.The alternative hypothesis was there is a significant effect of the type of mobile phone on the frequency of texting.MethodologyParticipantsThe 243 out of 276 Junior and Senior students of Saint Augustines School (SAS) who have mobile phones who answered the questionnaire, computer with access to lucre where the articles, journals and data regarding the study were taken, 24 copies of questionnaire and the facts about texting and mobile phones were the participants of this investigatory project.ProcedureThe 24 copies of questionnaire were distributed to every pillar of each classroom of the Juniors and Seniors last November 24, 2014.Through the questionnaire, the rese archers asked for the total number of the students who have smartphones and those who have tied(p) phones. They were questioned if how many times do they text daily- 1-5 times,6-10 times,11-15 times or 15-20 times. The result of the survey was summarized in a 24 table but later simplified to a 22 table because those who text 1-5 and 6-10 times a day were taken as one as well as those who text 11-15 and 16-20 times in order to gift the solution to the problem less complicated.Data AnalysisA chi-square test of independence was performed to test the null hypothesis of no association between type of mobile phone and frequency of texting.ResultsThe P-value, 0.25, which was more than the significance level 0.05 provided a very strong evidence that the frequency of texting doesnt depend on the type of mobile phone. Thus, the researchers accepted the null hypothesis and it was kosher to conclude that the type of mobile phone, smartphone and regular phone, has no significant effect on the frequency of texting.DiscussionsAll the textual data were based on online articles. They were borrowed, read, analyzed, and summarized. The quantitative data, which were gathered through a questionnaire, were summed up in a 22 table for a more concise and apprehensible look. However, they were primarily summarized in a 24 table but to make it easier and express to arrive to the answer, the researchers have chosen to just take those who text 1-5 and 6-10 times a day as one and the who text 11-15 and 16-20 times twain in the row of smartphone and regular phone. There were approximately 12 % of the respondents who did not answer the questionnaire both intentionally and unintentionally but it did not stoppage the researchers from proceeding to the next step.Using the numerical data, and the Chi-Square Test of Independence as the statistical tool, the researchers computed for the degrees of freedom (DF), expected frequencies (Er,c) and test statistics (X2) . Er,c and X2 were rounde d off to the near hundredths.The researchers used the Chi-Square Distribution table to find for the P-value which was found out to be 0.25. The null hypothesis, saying that the type of mobile phone has no significant effect on the frequency of texting, was accepted because the P-value was far higher than the significance level 0.05.AppendicesRaw Data*Students who have mobile phone 243*Students who did not answer 33*Total population 276B. Statistical ComputationsUsing the numerical data, the researchers computed for the degrees of freedom, expected frequencies, test statistic, and approximate P-value associated with the test statistic and degrees of freedom.Degrees of FreedomDF = (r 1) * (c 1)where r is the number of levels for one categorical variable, and c is the number of levels for the other categorical variable.DF = (r 1) * (c 1)=(2-1)*(2-1) =1Expected FrequenciesEr,c= (nr* nc) / nwhere Er,cis the expected frequency count for levelrof multivariate A and levelcof varying B, nris the total number of sample observations at level r of Variable A, ncis the total number of sample observations at levelcof Variable B, and n is the total sample size.Er,c= (nr* nc) / nE1,1=( 182*91)/243= 68.16 E1,2=( 182*152)/243=113.84E2,1=( 61*91)/243=22.84 E2,2 =( 61*152)/243=38.16Test Statisitics2= (Or,c Er,c)2/ Er,cwhere Or,cis the observed frequency count at levelrof Variable A and levelcof Variable B, and Er,cis the expected frequency count at levelrof Variable A and levelcof Variable B.2= (Or,c Er,c)2/ Er,c=(67-68.16)2/68.16+(115-113.84)2/113.84+(24-22.84)2/22.84+(37-38.16)2/38.16=0.10+0.01+0.06+0.34=0.51P-valueUsing the Chi-Square Distribution TableThe first higher value than the Test Statistics, going to the right, row of 1 as the DF, was 1.32, so looking at up to its P-value in the uppermost cell of its column was equal 0.25.C. QuestionnaireTo all the Juniors and Seniors,This questionnaire is very much needed for the completion of our 3rd Grading investigator y project. We ask for your active participation and honesty in answering the given(p) questions. Thank youYours Truly,Group 2 of IV-2Year and SectionHow many are you in your classroom?Per column1. How many are you in your column?2. Who are the students who own smartphones and non-smartphones?For number 2, follow the format below.Students with smartphones ( phones with access to internet, camera, etc.)Students with regular phone (phone intended for messaging and calling, w/o access to internet and do not consist of downloadable applications.)ReferencesCentral Intelligence Agency(2011).The worldfactbook. Retrieved Sept., 14, 2014, fromhttps// contract Institute of Personnel and Development.Pestle analysis. Retrieved fromhttp//, Dinesh(March 2012). An empirical study of brand pick of mobile phones amongcollege and university students.Lenhart, Amanda (2012). Te ens, smartphones texting.Retrieved fromhttp// Husso (2011). Analysis of competition in the mobile phone markets ofthe United States and Europe. http//epub.lib.aalto/ethesis/pdf/12638/, A.S. (2009). The cell phone as an agent of friendly change. Retrieved fromhttp//, S., Gopal, V., Sharama, R., Sharma, N.,(Eds.).(2012). Study on mobile phones brand pattern among the college students of Delhi-NCR.Retrieved from http// switching-pattern-among-the-college-students-of-delhincr-33612332631pbThe Carphone store (2006). The mobile life youth report 2006 The impact of the mobilephone on the lives of young people.Retrieved fromhttp// uk/

Relationship Between Architecture and Politics

Relationship Between computer computer architecture and Politics firing offhitecture is not besides classified as describing the elegant and dinner dress preferences of an architect, notwithstanding it rear also reveal the hopes, position struggle and the constituents assimilation of the ordering. Although present architecture tend to orbit a cps themes that represents neutrality in purchase order to represent a healthier theme or image for the metropolis without supporting any semipolitical regime ,it can be for certain maintained that using architecture as a major legal instrument to symbolize berthfulness and authority for a society such as national socialist Ger human racey and Rome power is a required and trounce-loved bill in order to keep the legacy of the society or arena alive as time passes by as the built surround is a text whose every news show reveals a nations vicissitudes. As insofar the building that was only said to be a work or architectural e p rowessh can serve a purpose of beingness a optical metaphor, announcing something in its own elan about the power, existence, military force, protectiveness and anatomical structure of the institution it represents.Firstly, architecture supports the outline with a structural model which is utilize by the society to conceptualize the adult male which conciliates it machine-accessible with political power as said by Mitchell kapor architecture is government activity. Hence there is a structural relationship in the mid(prenominal)st of the affable and political sides, architecture reveals the power that is embodied in it and specifically the monumental architecture that is radiation diagramed by the political powers. These monuments shows the power of the individuals accountable for their validation and they describe the nature of that power. For example, using axial architecture symbolizes consistently to a greater extent to power which control the community as it d irects heap to that seat or that specific power. Whereas ,Non-axial architecture al sorts maintain the equality of constituent move and puts the choices always amid quite a littles hands rather than the victory of certain goal. Moreover non axial architecture is regularly connected to political power as mandate from the masses. Architecture that symbolizes top-down distribution of power is the opposite of an architecture that demonstrates control vested by the community as shown belt up in prisons as the wardens power is over the inmate which shows the arrogant edge of social control.As architecture can control the way we run into the world, loo fairy at architectural history the relation betwixt the monumental architecture and political power can consistently be seen. Architecture go againsts us the choice to visualize mentally and support societies to pee systems that shows their social and cultural traditions and practices. Hence, leaders use it to express the way tha t they understand reality in and express how they crave to be seen by the people and enforce their opinion and view and carry their power over the populace. However, Nazis and roman types leaders in Germany and Rome in the old centuries used architecture in a way to exude power and mastery in order to keep their legacy as a society with power and wealth in the world, hence their buildings had an enormous effect on the way architects purported their buildings in the western side of the world and quiet down continues till this day.Nowadays on the western world the effect of roman type power is still manifest which shows how using architecture as a society power tool can be effective and is mandatory by the world, and many European cities still have souvenirs that remind them of the old-fashioned Rome. Architecture played an essential bureau in bringing unitedly the empire and was vital to the success of Rome as both formal architecture like temples and basilicas for example bri dges and aqueducts had a major character reference in representing Rome power. Communication across the far flung was supported by the construction of the roads with their bridges. Moreover, clean and hygiened water was leadd to the people in metropolis by aquedects.Whereas, the basilica fulfilled administrative functions which was showed in American cities in town halls or court houses and other buildings also served roman power weather directly or indirectly. The basilicas had various characteristics and components such as a projection which the roman prints called apse which acted as the seat of the magistrate accountable for dispensing the law and along with it comes a scene or an image of the emperor which is the source of the law. thence above the image is a curvy semi -circular line which acts as an echo in the form of the apse. The basilica in Roman city carried the concept of Roman authority for the people of the Roman Empire. The association with person was a prima ex planation for the use of the basilica soft as the typical become of the Christian church from the abstraction of the Emperor Metropolis.The fundamental law of the space and disposition of the buildings in the second century formed close a symbolic map of Roman power which the study of this proterozoic second century building complex show us. To summarize the Roman architecture, the basilica with its apses points and symbolized to Roman law power the authority of classical culture and literature is shown by its formal libraries and the trust is reflected to the public life of the people by the temples. Also Trajan which is the Roman military leader and has images at the focalise of the city in the imperial axis has ordered the built of the markets on the adjacent hill which states an obvious statement about the emperor being the provider for the Roman populace.Reminders of the culture and traditions of the Roman Empire are still there throughout the western world cities. Most Le aders involve to give intimidation and control through their built environment and visual testament to their strength and control to the people and the nation .Examples can be seen all around the world. In Paris after Napoleon became the king of the empire in 1804, he precious Paris to become the rising Rome so you can find various similarities in their buildings.The Arc de Triumphed, started to be built by Napoleon in 1806 but not finished until 1836, is the extremely famous example of the French taking of Roman formulasIn Vendome in Paris, the leader Napoleon ordered the built of a monumental free-standing column that was clearly based and similar in structure to the column of Ttrajan from the early second century.A bronze statue is on the top of the vendomne column and has a costume that looks like a Roman, like Trajan on his column.The aid of the Madeleine. The programmeer Pierre-Alexandre Vignon plain supported his construction on the distinct color of the Italian Temple. Secondly, Nazis and Hitler also used architecture in a way to threaten and intimidate the people and go before in the power of their state. It is shown clearly in their projects as some element like stark facades, columns, pilasters, and clean lines is used in a wide scale by the projects architects such as Albert Speer, Hermann Giesler, and Fritz Todt to form a new aesthetic and demonstrate power, control and domination. Moreover, the buildings sizes gave a huge effect and showed clearly the wealth and power of the Germans to anyone who ventured their buildings. Hence, the city of Berlin was to be the city of the Nazis corp, and as such, required to bonk and resemble the noesis, ascendancy, and calibre of the Fascist circle. Invoking images of the Catholicism Empire, the remade Berlin would be titled Germania, the old European form for Deutschland. Domination of the world was the forecast of Berlin so it required more monuments. So to ceremonialize the power of the German stat e a plan and models to create a city with an enormous number of public building were made by the architects responsible of the project. Many buildings are still surviving till nowadays although the Berlin plan did not fully succeed that represent the rare thin out of the regime. The style of intimidaton architecture was the main style used by the germans while building and externaliseing their buildings. Other buildings not representative of the Nazi vogue all the same reference Nazi aims by glorifying both the ult of Germanic and the culture of the rural as well. Always, Nazi architects worked to confirm that their buildings served the ineluctably of the regime. Influenced by classical Hellenic Republic and Rome, they cultivated ANaesthetic of order, using lowest decoration and action straight lines. From the baroque era, they realised the speediness of buildings as expressions of wealth and power, and they tried to include that expression into their buildings. Nazi design served the state by actioning its value, demonstrating its power, and making edifices capable of lasting for hundreds of years.The Nazis tried to grade each facet of Germans lives design contend a key situation during this. The order and plainness of Nazi facades mirrored the order perfect by Nazi theorists. Places designed for mass community experiences designed unity round the party. Buildings reflective rural and Teutonic pasts emphasised the Nazis glorification of these times. Constant aspects of Nazi buildings supposed to impress foreign diplomats served double duty by expressing the strength of the National Socialist German Workers Party to everybody United Nations agency lapsed. Adolf Hitler and Speer had confidence that that design had the power to deeply infuence peopless thoughts and actions. In their neurotic plans for Germania, they showed expressly that design was a tool of the state. itdbeaccustomedpromote ideology, even at the expense of livability.Adolf Hitlerwish edbuildings to be the word in stone, durable, a clear representations of the Nazi ideals. Same all the different varieties of art throughout the communism programme, Structure was a puppet of both the state and the commonwealth as well as John Ruskin the side of meat writer said Architecture is the work of nations. This shows that architecture can be used in a spectacular multiple of ways to provide the nation, culture and society its own characteristic and charisma.A major bank note between the classical state design of Third ReichReich and classical design in alternative trendy countries in Europe and America is that in Germany it absolutely was however one aspect of a severely bossy state. Its dictatorly aimed to determine study order grid iron city plans, axial symmetry, hierarchic placement of state structure among urban house on a scale meant to strengthen the interpersonal and governmental rule wanted by the Nazi propose, that anticipated the displacement of religious be lief and moralistic values by a brand new quite piety supported the cult of Nazi martyrs and leaders and with a worth system near that of pre-Christian RomeIn Mein Kampf, Germanic Nazi states that industrialised Teutonic cities of his day lacked high open monuments and a halfway accent for filth spirit.In fact, criticism of the fast manufacture of German cities once 1870 had already been voiced. The ideal Nazi town wasnt to be over large, since it had been to replicate pre-industrial values and its state monuments, the product and symbols of collective effort, were to lean most prominence by being centrally set within the new and reshaped cities of the enlarged Composer.Nazis comments in Mein Kampf indicated that he saw buildings such like the coliseum and also the genus Circus Maximus As symbols of the political would possibly and power of the Roman individuals. Potentate stated, Architecture isnt solely the word in stone, however is also the expression of the religion and con viction of a community, alternatively it signifies the ability, greatness and laurels of an fantabulous man or individual. In Potentates cultural direction, TheBuildings of the Reich, delivered in Sep 1937 , in Nuremberg, he thoroughbred that the new buildings of the Reich were to bolster the authority of the National Socialist German Workers Party and also the state and at identical time give gigantic proof of the community. The subject proof of this authority may already be seen in Nuremberg, metropolis and Berlin and would become still a divide of evident once a lot of plans had been place into result.Hitler himself was as a girlish man was initially impresssed with the extremely formed, ornate, neo-Baroque vogue open in various Habsburg-era people buildings. Flat then, he matte that the key faculty for a morality public business was that it verbalised the capability of its somebody. These buildings, with their outrageous volume of pilasters, porticos, columns, arches, and ped iments, manifested the wealth and nation of the German and royalty states. Whereas these highly-decorated buildings square mensurate markedly enumerateally different from those designed throughout Hitlers reign, they possess symmetry, a proper part of style that each designer and Der Fuhrer believed was essential to making order. The impressive Berlinerdom exudes any wealth, with palm in apiece character and carrefour. In block with Der Fuhrer, the cathedral, cerebration too tiny, was fittingly impressive. The nightlong arcades of the new-fangled Hofsburg and and so the deposit of Penalty Study, apiece in grapheme of Oesterreich, breathe at the lordly and colonnades entrances open in buildings subsequent in experience, peculiarly Designers New Reich authoritys structure.The New Hofsburg, ViennaFurthermore, Hitler, as a skilful creator, was well-versed within the history of design. Within the Nazis seek associate orderly aesthetic, a lot ofattention was paid to the classical buil dings of Balkan countryand Rome. Its straightforward to examine the similarities between Albert Speers Zeppelintribune, shown higher than right, and therefore the Pergamon Altar of Zeus housed within the Berlin Pergamon museumIn fact, Albert Speer himself explicit that the apsis supported this Pergamon monument. There also are noticeable similarities between the coliseumin Rome and therefore the Olympiastadion in Berlin. Specially, the 2 buildings assets a layered sort of pillars and arches. Notwithstanding, the sports bowl differs from the coliseum in its demand of curves or broadsheet arches. Olympiastadions extraneous is regressive, and depends on rectangles formed from healthy crosswise and straight lines to actualize its spic, create lead. Further, the sports bowl exterior is scanty theres no ornamentation of any good, only lines. These preferences for healthy lines and kosher exteriors are a regular boast of Socialism buildings, especially those organized by Designer, and b usinessman them as definite from the neoclassical structures that influenced them, Classic buildings were heavily with statues. Fascist buildings are placing for his or her nearly tot lack of honour.The coliseum in RomeOlympiastadion in BerlinTo conclude, although after the mid century and the beginning of the 19th century urban architects and societies began to change their concepts and preferred to use architecture and design buildings in a way to make cities healthier and help in reducing crimes and deduct problems. Moreover architects had an aim to improve the attitude of the people and society and they wanted to use architecture to reduce poverty,crimes, and prevent revolutions .However, architecture can be used in both ways but I certainly agree that if architecture is used as a participatory tool to represent power and strength for certain society it would play a major role in changing history and effect vitally the culture of the world as Frank Lloyd the american architect s aid The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own elegance. Also architecture in that way leaves legacies behind them that coming generations can look up to and that is why architects and leaders that time tried their best to serve strenghtfull testament through their designs and buildings.

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How Celebrity Culture Affects Society Cultural Studies Essay

How Celebrity Culture Affects orderliness Cultural Studies EssayAs we grass see that today, the news program intimately celebrities is full on either kind of media. They appear on all kind of communication media from printed media newspapers, magazines, to television and online media equal internet. It nominate be verbalise that we ar living in the century of media innovation together with the developing of celebrity destination. For umteen years ago, if almost child was asked approximately his dream, it would be teacher, pilot, or lawyer however, today, most of the answers will be to be storied. It is that only one of some impact of celebrity finis on us or even our generation.The significant exploitation of celebrity manu eventuring in any(prenominal) case contributes on those centres. As tribe see how easy to be or to do something, they will consider it a target to achieve. This is abruptly identify up with the umpteen a(prenominal) ones dream to li ve celebrities. Further more than, when the celebrity surfeit becomes daily, it as well as effect on all of us, especially the small. Their life styles, their behaviors are often imitated.They are the reasons why I choose this topic celebrity kitchen-gardening. Of passage it a very wide topic to do search, so I decide to narrow it and center on on the reason and how does celebrity finish affect our behaviors.I keep an eye ond my three objectives1. To examine the upgrade zoom celebrity culture on newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet.2. To pardon why many people penury to be celebrities.3. To research the effects of celebrity culture on our behaviour constituent B Analysis of FindingsObjective 1 To examine the rising tide celebrity culture in newspapers, magazines, TV and the InternetTogether with the media explosion, celebrity culture has become a rising tide on all field of communication industry. Moreover, celebrity content has been baseation to the news of me dia in the recent century. From the nightly television programmes to freshet market magazines to the online edition of newspapers, celebrity news has ratifyd its efficiency to draw off attention and to impulse consumption (G.Turner, 2010).In the past, celebrity news efficiency present been limited to a specific range of television outlets and print, it is flat a sort of content that can be tack together estimable across the media series. The development of new media has leading new ways of introducing, producing and devour celebrity while online magazines and news which are especially grown as an additional form of the tendency print media has as well had an expansive effect (G.Turner 2010).According to Robert van Krieken (2010) said in his article, celebrity which is usually seen as a frothy and unreal topic is also a cadence of how superficial contemporary culture has become. However, the celebrity production industry has never ever significantly developed like it toda y. Also, there is no subscribe that the limits of the spread of celebrity culture have been reached (G.Turner, 2010). The continuously operating apparatus of celebrity industry along with the produce of digital media has made them the pure(a) partners who contribute in the expansion of each another(prenominal). The production of reality TV shows, the rise of perfection, Master Chef, Australias got Talent and others take us to a manoeuver that all television formats are produced depending on exploiting people interest in the chance to become a celebrity (G.Turner 2010).It is the celebrity industry which source gets celebrity through the process called celebritisation (G.Turner 2010). For example, the reality TV shows like Idol that many contestants try to express themselves to be recognised through the mental process process. This is one among many TV shows which offer people the prospect to prove themselves to become renowned. That is a very foremost stair of the proc ess of revolution (G.Turner 2010). Then, the expansion of digital media the producers and distributors of content through printed and electronic forms magazines, newspapers, television, and now with the development of the various kinds of on-line media would help the celebrities to hold their fame (G.Turner 2010). Those all contribute in the fact that news of celebrities is now full of magazines, newspaper, internet and other kinds of media.William Shakespeare wrote every last(predicate) the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players. It is true for movie stars and TV hosts and other celebrities who are famous for being famous (W.Shakespeare, As You the like It, 1600).Objective 2 To explain why many people want to be celebritiesIt is obvious that the development and efficiency of the media machine help to create a celebrity easier. That means many peoples dreams now easier to be real. Especially, the growth of the reality TV shows make people have more opportunity to appear on TV. Therefore, there are a lot of celebrities who are production of this type of celebrity production industry. A phenomenon called Susan Boyle is an example. A 47-year-old angiotensin-converting enzyme woman has been the worldwide star just after only one appearance on TV. She had sung the song I dreamed a dream in the TV show Britains got talent (C.Cadwalladr 2010). Then it was like her dream come true when the video of her performance got more than blow millions views on YouTube. After that, her first album I Dreamed a Dream sold more copies than any others. The story named Susan Boyle like a fairy tale has spread over the world about a talent woman and how easy to become a celebrity (C.Cadwalladr 2010). Furthermore, if person is the winner in a show, with the support of many kinds of media, he could become a celebrity without doubt.What seems to come next to fame? It is wealthy. Statistics show that actors can be nonrecreational nearly $US20 million for making a single fritter away (S.Bunbury 2009). But it is not the only source of their income. They are also paid to appear on advertising or to represent a brand. For many years, Australian celebrities efforts are trying to sell us things like tomentum replacement, air-conditioning, alcoholic drinks, house-and-land packages and fast food. Sarah Murdoch hustles for undies Gwyneth Paltrow endorses cosmetics Celine Dion used to represent a car company, Bruce Willis hawks vodka (C.Middendorp 2010). Hence, they can earn millions of dollar from these advertised campaigns (C.Middendorp 2010). Another example is Kylie Minogue who is a famous singer in Australia. She is also known as actress, childrens disc author, underwear designer and perfumer. As a result, her net wealth in 2006 is approximately $55 million, according to James Thomson-the editor of BRWs Entertainer Rich nominate (D.Ziffer, L.Dubecki 2006).However, the obvious prices that most of them have to pay for the fame are their own p rivacy. The fact is that the celebrities ceaselessly use media for their self-promotion. So, some people argue that it is unfair for them when the media reports some thing which they want to keep secret. Nevertheless, other said that celebrities take gain from media to create the ideal figures of them no matter how inaccurate they are, so it has right to tell the truth (B. Haywood 2004). Therefore, some famous celebrities are always followed by the paparazzi and their privacy is expose on magazines, newspapers.Objective 3 To research the effects of celebrity culture on our behaviourIt is obvious that in a society that is obsessed by media and celebrity culture, celebrities have a extensive impact on everyone. From fashion trends to life style or semipolitical views, peoples behaviours, interests and beliefs are strongly affected by celebrities. Furthermore, these celebrity-culture-obsessions usually begin at an early age, therefore, other than adults, teenagers and children are most impressed. They often conceive of of famous people as role model and try to become those figures (C. Shaffer, 2010). For example, there was a research done by the UK research organisation YouGov in 2005 which surveyed a group 800 of 16-19-year-age boyish people (Cassidy 2006). It showed that 10% of teenagers would leave inculcate to appear on TV if they had opportunity. Sixteen in 100 of them believed they could queue up advantage through celebrity industry. Meanwhile, 9% think being famous is the best way to achieve wealthy without qualifications.The positive affects of celebrities are well-disposed and environmental effects. Many environmental topics and issues such as global warming, wildlife animal protection could approach the publicity thanks to the celebrities. Tom Hanks, Al Gore, and da Vinci DiCaprio strongly believe in living green lifestyle (C. Shaffer, 2010). These advocacy-celebrities can positively run people as they would live more eco-friendly and do go od thing for environment protection. Furthermore, many celebrities campaigns concerning social issues like charity, service poor people, HIV also have good impacts on people recognition. One example is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had adopted 3 orphans from different countries (Ethiopia, Cambodia and Vietnam).However, the baneful effects also be accompanied by the good effects. The public, with so much exposure to celebrities, could strongly be influenced by their behaviour or even misbehaviour. The fact is that people are imitated by the behaviour associating with success and fame. So, that is the reason why they can have impacts on people, especially the young. Meanwhile, young celebrities can easily affect young people. However, two thirds of 1,007 people in a weekend USA Today Poll believe Hollywood stars are no more likely to get into trouble than other young people (K. Thomas, 2007). Paris Hilton and Linsay Lohan are example. Both of them had to go to jail because of us ing drugs and driving when they got drunk. Other scandals of the young celebrities concerning with sex, drugs, drunk, clubs, parties. are exposed daily on many kinds of media. Hence, the downgrading lifestyles of celebrities are seriously affects on young people in general and the next generation in particular. No parents want those bad figures to become their childrens role but they could go no way to get rid of their effects.Section C Self-evaluationResearch skills/ subprogramActually, at first, I choose the topic concerning with technology because it seems to be longing and there are plenty of articles and books writing about it. However, I opinionated the topic celebrity culture because I found I am interesting in it. It is just because of my habit to go online and read news everyday. I was not sure there are any research or articles concerning with this topic, but I had eventually chosen what I am interesting in not others are.After the hardest work- choosing topic, I have to determine how I could approach it. I focused on how does celebrity culture affect our behavior, with three objectives to examine the rising tide celebrity culture on newspapers, magazines, TV and the Internet to evaluate the cost to be a celebrity to research the effects of celebrity culture on our behaviour. However, on the process I did the research, I had to change my second objective to to explain why many people want to be celebrities, which seems to be more suitable to my way of approaching the topic.Unfortunately, I could not find any printed resource in Taylors library which could help my research. So, I had to find everything on the Internet. I used and others scholar website on Study Smart to find most of my references and articles.Oral communication skillsIn the oral founding, I have chosen to talk about my two first objectives. I think I did well in the oral presentation. I had done this many times before so I did not feel aflutter any more when standing in front of crowed. Furthermore, I also control my body language well. I used the outline on cue cards and the power point for my presentation. I did not chance upon it by heart because I wanted to make it as of course as I could. Hence, I received good comments from the teacher about those skills. He also commented well about my tied-up-point. Actually, I came to my mind when I was on tram to school.However, I need to improve my pronunciation and concentrate more on plural endings. Also, because I did not put my presentation enough time, so I was overtime- 8 minutes. So, I have to practice more to improve my English in general and my pronunciation in particular. I also have to learn to handle the time allowed in next time I do presentation.Organisational skillsAt first, I found it not too hard to meet the deadlines. Because most of my resources for the research throw up are from Internet, so it was easy for me to collect everything. Then, the hardest and most time-consuming ste p is to read all of them and classify which articles journals are suitable for which objective. Unfortunately, I was disturbed and absent 3 days from school, so, I could not hand in the second objective on time. Therefore, I did really hard to savvy up with other friends and the deadlines also. From this part, I have learnt a lot about time management to arrange work, to do the schedule, to catch up. I think this very important for my future study in university.Also, this is the first time I create verbally the reference list, so I found it is quite difficult. I had to do it many times and asked the teacher to make sure that I was on the right way. Thanks to him, I could finally finish it. Now I feel more confidence to write the reference list next time.To sum up, I have learnt many new things when doing this research project. They are not only academic, but also social and communicational skills to do the oral presentation, to manage time, to arrange work, to write a report, to do a bibliography, to overcome unexpected problems. Those skills are always important in both my study and my life in future.Section D Reference ListElliott, T. 2010, Celebrity is a growth industry, The Age, 29 May, viewed 01 August 2010, .Bunbury, S. 2009, Like a prayer Celebrities and religion, The Age, 07 April, viewed 01 August 2010, .Shaffer, C. 2010, How do celebrities influence people?, eHow Contributor, 28 June, viewed 01 August 2010, Cadwalladr, C. 2010, Celebrity The sadness of Susan Boyle, The Advertiser, 26 June.Funnel, N. 2010, obligation goes with the celebrity, The Age, 21 June.Haywood, B. 2004, The Price of Fame, The Age, 08 November.McDonald, B., Loughlan, K. 2010, Fame is like the real thing, Sydney Morning Herald, 06 May.Middendorp, C. 2010, Celebrity whitethorn earn millions in ads, but look decidedly cheap, The Age, 14 January, p.15.Thomas, K. 2007, tender Hollywood What has gotten into them?, USA Today, 06 June.Ziffer, D., Dubecki, L. 2006, What next for Kyl ie?, The Age, 09 December.Turner, G. 2010, Approaching celebrity studies in Celebrity Studies, Volume 1, p.11 20.

History of Federal Taxation in the United States

History of Federal Taxation in the United StatesThe existing valuateation policies in the U.S. have been characterized by a myriad of changes over the decades as a result of variations in the authoritiess roles as well as the ever-changing circumstances. The U.S. Department of Treasury asserted that the kinds of taxes enforce, their percentages as well as the sizing of the collections differ from what they were 100 years ago due to various historic events, including the war, the 16th Constitutional Amendment, changes in the society, delivery, and the changes in the governments roles and responsibilities.During the colonial times and the post-revolutionary era, which spanned from 1791 to 1802, the U.S. had no income tax law. Therefore, to finance its roles and responsibilities, it relied on the contributions made by the states and internal taxes on whiskey and other distilled spirits, tobacco and snuff, refined sugar, carriages, properties sold at auction, slaves, and the bodily bonds (Sandbox Networks, Inc.). When President Jefferson was elected in 1802, he abolished these direct taxes, leaving the national government, for the next decade, with only the internal revenue taxes. However, in 1812, more notes were needed to finance the war and relation imposed extra engrave taxes, issued Treasury notes, and raised certain customs duties (U.S. Department of the Treasury). In 1817, entirely these taxes were cancelled and for the following 44 years, the country relied on the customs duties and the macrocosm land sales for its revenues.Upon the eruption of the Civil War, Congress enacted the tax wager of 1861, reintroducing the former excise taxes and imposing taxes on personal earnings at a rate of 3% on all incomes above $800 a year (U.S. Department of the Treasury). However, due to some noted inadequacies, the personal income taxes became efficacious only in 1862. The increased cost of the war made Congress pass a new excise tax law in 1862 focusing on items like the pianos, gunpowder, feathers, playing cards, leather, iron, drugs, patent medicines, telegrams, billiard tables, whisky, lawful documents, and license fees. In 1872, the income tax was abolished, but it was again revived in 1894 and 1895 before being deemed unconstitutional (Sandbox Networks, Inc.).The 16th Amendment of 1913 reintroduced the income tax and made it a permanent item in the U.S. tax system. Through this law, Congress imposed taxes on incomes of both individuals and corporations. The U.S. entry into World War I maxim Congress pass in 1916 and 1918 Revenue Acts, all increasing the tax rates. In 1943, there was an introduction of the withholding taxes on wages. The need for more far-reaching reforms in the U.S. tax system led to the enactment of the Tax repossess Act of 1986, which lowered the individual income tax rate from 50% to 28%. Other notable changes to the U.S. tax system were made through the 1993 Revenue satisfaction Act and the 2001 Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 under the Clinton and George Bush administrations, respectively.Taxation is an important fiscal polity item in every economy. The view of this paper in debate to the contribution of the taxation on the economic product depends on its policy, the office for which it is collected and the administration. Lower tax rates for the lower-income groups have been linked with improvements in the economy, especially through the creation of jobs (Worstall). This idea of spurring the economic growth by reducing the tax rate was advocated for by President Reagan in 1986 due to the effects on the economic incentives experienced by businesses and individuals. Therefore, the government should reduce the marginal tax rates with a view to importantly expand the tax base. Also, a tax imposed to collect revenues to finance war activities may not lead to improvement in economy unlike the one used to finance various economic activities. working CitedSa ndbox Networks, Inc. History of the Income Tax in the United States. 2017, http// Accessed 17 Jan. 2017US Department of the Treasury. History of the US Tax System. Aug. 2003, http// Accessed 17 Jan. 2017Worstall, Tim. Tax Cuts Do Increase Employment, Do Create Jobs, the Science Is In. Forbes, 22 Apr. 2015, http// Accessed 17 Jan. 2017

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Islam in the Ottoman Empire

Islam in the comfort empireTHE ISLAMIC CHARACTER OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIREIn what ways was the queen pudding stone Islamic?________________________________________________________________________ section I doorway This paper seeks to make an analysis of the ways in which the hassock Empire was Islamic. It seeks to establish the relationship amongst the fag Empire and Islam, the religion on which it was founded.Part IISummary At the core of this narration is the occurrence that the nature of enforcement of Islamic tenets in the length and breadth of the Empire unplowed shifting with time. Although Islam and the Ottoman Empire were inseparable, since the very foundation of the Empire was Islamic, the true(a) manner in which Islam was compel in the Empire varied in relation to time and geographical space. The pattern in which Islam was enforced adapted from that of a brutal version at the beginning of the Empire to ace that moderated greatly as the decades and centuries progress ed. In other words, the dispensation shifted from Jihad to Dhimma. 1 The nature and reasons for this transfiguration forms the heart of the paper. Moreover, Islam in its unadulterated form could not be enforced in a monolithic, homogeneous fashion in all the centuries of Ottoman rule, because the territories they governed were vast and disparate. In view of this complex scenario, this paper, due to the severe constraint of space, takes up only two important verbalisms of Islam that were more than or slight a constant in the Empire as it grew the treatment of non- Moslem subjects, and of women. In these, an overwhelmingly large part is devoted to the former, because judicial system enjoyed greater primacy, term the latter is referred to in passing. On handbill of this dearth of space, a funny element of the Ottoman Islamic military, the Janissaries, is left out.Part III password The ascendancy to power of the Ottomans took place in the backdrop of the waning of dresser of t he Seljuk dynasty, the sovereign power of Asia Minor until thence.2 In the given situation, since the semipolitical situation was very volatile, and opportunity was afforded to building an empire to one who succeeded in this unstable milieu, what was needed was brute force to achieve these ends. The period power saw a novelty the formation of a band of savage and rapacious men calling themselves the Ghazis. Fanatically dedicated to Islam, these warriors derived their authority from the Islamic conceit of Jihad Holy War. The earliest Ottomans were typical examples of Ghazis. This concept enabled the Ottomans, who till then had been an insignificant vassal of the Seljuk dynasty, to now establish their authority in the region. This is how the establishment of the Ottoman Empire was based entirely on a primitive interpretation of and resort to militant Islam. (Turnbull, 2003, p. 10)From these beginnings, over the years, the Ottomans displayed towards non- Islamic subjects a perce ive of tolerance that would put Europe to shame. During the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, when events such as the Inquisitions were becoming milestones in Europes history3, the Jews found refuge in the Ottoman Empire. This was the predominant destination to which the persecuted Jews milled, and were able to practice their way of disembodied spirit without any hindrance. A Hapsburg ambassador in the court of Suleiman the Magnificent had this to ordinate about the Ottoman Sultans attitude towards his empires non-Muslim subjectsIt is by merit that men rise in the service, a schema which insures that posts should be assigned to the competent . . . . They do not believe that eminent qualities ar either natural or hereditary . . . , but that they are partly the gift of God, and partly the result of good training, great industry, and . . . set . . . . Honors, high posts and judgeships are the rewards of great ability and good service. This is the reason that they are successful in their undertakings. (Levy, 1992, p. 15)Reasons for the change in attitude Some major(ip) reasons can be attributed for this benign treatment of these subjects. As inheritors of the pristine tenets of Islam, these rulers considered Christian and Jewish people their theological predecessors on account of this, although the book of account was considered the concluding and purest revelation, the same Koran, the ultimate fountainhead of wisdom to the Muslims, also placed upon Muslim rulers an obligation to protect their non-Muslim subjects, under the covenant of the Dhimma. (Levy, 1992, pp. 15, 16) For this protection, these subjects had to pay a tax, and were compulsory to live under somewhat restrictions, such as acceptance of Muslim superiority, macrocosm banned from riding animals that Muslims rode, and being made to wear distinguishing dresses or badges. (Lewis, 1982, p. 5) Other restrictions included being obliged to build houses lower than those of Muslims, being proscribed from residing in the neighbourhood of a mosque, and allocation of the place of dissension resolution between minorities.4 (Gek , 1996, p. 35)However, essentially, as pointed out by Lewis (1982), during the course of their history, the Ottoman Turks outgrew their initial tendency to maraud and slaughter at will, and were predisposed towards building an empire through a well-knit system of administration that derived from the Koran over the years, they graduated to retaining their warm relationship with non-Muslims out of practical considerations. (Lewis, 1982, p. 5) For example, in intimately of the lands the Ottomans ruled, Christians and Jews had lived for centuries. Where conversion of these people, especially the numerically superior Christians was impossible, forcing conversion would close to certainly dupe invited revolt because of this, most Ottoman rulers decided that it was wiser to contribute these minorities to their own religion. In addition, allowing them to practis e their own religion also gave the administration much needed taxes. In this sense, the presence of the minorities was actually an advantage to some Ottoman sultans. These minority religious groups usually were classified under a system of local administration called the millet. Literally translating to nation, these units were helpful in belongings the Sultan informed about the state of affairs of the minorities. (McCarthy, 1997, pp. 127, 128) As a result, although there were some infrequent tensions in the form of humiliation and derision, by and large, the relationship between the Muslims and non-Muslims in the entire length and breadth of the Ottoman Empire, almost throughout the six centuries of its existence, was characterised mostly by goodwill, making the Empire a medley of various religions and cultures. This contrasted starkly with the ghettos and exile of the Jews in Europe. The occasional(a) strains that arose were more for economic and social reasons rather than purely religious. (Lewis, 1982, pp. 5-7)Women in the Ottoman Empire When it came to their treatment of women, the Ottomans derived from the various traditions they inherited, and Islam was one of them. While the lineage was patriarchal, their regional and tribal inheritance showed up in various aspects of their relationship with women, as precisely described here the Ottomans did make rational choices and draw upon a number of traditions in establishing the imperial household. The legacy of acquiring women through raids most likely came directly from a central Asian tradition the job of polygyny, that is multiple wives, probably derived from Islamic sources the Ottomans may have learned of concubinage from the Persians and they may have adapted from the Byzantines the idea of securing alliance and treaty through marriages. (Goffman, 2002, p. 40)Part IVConclusion Islam was the soul of the Ottoman system of governance yet, this was by no means a repressive regime. Contrary to the treatmen t of non-Muslims in most parts of the world that came under Muslim rule5, the Ottoman Empire, the largest Islamic empire in history, (Karsh, 2003, p. 25) displayed a fair degree of tolerance towards its non- Muslim subjects. Whatever may have motivated this, the fact is that this speaks of the completeness of their evolution from the age of the Ghazi to that of a rule that had a generally salutary effect on the minorities of the empire. Overall, the Ottomans turned out to be a relatively faraway more tolerant empire than the Christian regimes of Europe of the same period. This perhaps was to lay the foundations of the modern Turkey as we know it today.ReferencesGoffman, D., (2002), The Ottoman Empire and primaeval Modern Europe, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, England.Gek , F. M., (1996), Rise of the Bourgeoisie, Demise of Empire Ottoman Westernization and loving Change, Oxford University Press, New York.Karsh, E., (2003), Rethinking the Middle East, Frank Cass, London.Le vy, A., (1992), The Sephardim in the Ottoman Empire, Darwin Press, Princeton, NJ.Lewis, B., (1982), Introduction, in Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire The Functioning of a Plural Society, Braude, B. Lewis, B. (Eds.) (pp. 1-32), Homes Meier Publishers, New York.McCarthy, J., (1997), The Ottoman Turks An Introductory History to 1923, Longman, London.Turnbull, S., (2003), The Ottoman Empire, 1326-1699, Routledge, New York.ZeEvi, D., (1994), The Sufi Connection capital of Israel Notables in the Seventeenth Century in document from CIEPO IX, Jerusalem Papers from CIEPO IX, Jerusalem, Singer, A. Cohen, A. (Eds.) (pp. 126-142), Hebrew University, Jerusalem.11 This blend of militarism and religious doctrines is best illustrated by cite Hodgson, in whose words the basic feature of the Ottoman Empire was that it was a military- shara alliance (ZeEvi, 1994, p. 136)2 Information on the early history and the coordinate of governance of the Ottoman Empire is neatly summed up in the spare-time activity link http//www.wsu.edu8080/dee/OTTOMAN/ORIGIN.HTMAlthough this site cannot be treated as a great scholarly work, it is a good account that can be used as a kind of concise guide to this aspect of the power vacuum in the founding of the Empire, and the relationship of the state and its structure with Islam.3 The following link is an excellent source for a detailed account of the blood-soaked history of the Inquisitions http// On the subject of jurisdiction of dispute settlement between members of the minority communities, this author offers an interesting recorded instance, in which there is no contradiction about a situation such as this if Zeyd the Jew goes from Istanbul-proper to Galata to pass on business and if Amr the Christian, claiming (Zeyd the Jew) needs to settle a transaction, takes him to the Islamic court of Galata, would Zeyd the Jew have the right to state that he wants the case heard instead by the Isl amic court in the neighborhood of Galata-proper.(Gek, 1996, p.35)5 An interesting case for the bring of treatment of non-Muslim subjects in a state ruled by Muslims is that of India. The Muslims were the dominant ruling class for about 10 centuries, but this reign was far from even. Islamic kings treatment of the majority Hindus saw no uniformity, and is a social function of heated and emotive debate to this day in the country.

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SkepticismIn Meditation 1, Descartes is confronted by the idea that end-to-end his life he has been taught numerous turned truths. As his metaphysical intimacy is based on the things which he has been taught, they too are proven moody and he is left without any indubitable ideas or beliefs. After Descartes puts every(prenominal) he knows under doubt, he begins to attempt to regain his knowledge of the reality by thinking exclusively of absolute truths. On this mission, he encounters trine arguments for accepting knowledge and beliefs as true and unfaltering. Through the course of the succeeding(a) paragraphs, I plan to dissect the different arguments and show how each of them raise the validity of true knowledge.Having been faced with the idea that his current wisdom is specious, Descartes begins discredit his ideas and opinions as he feels that it impart allow him to seek a studier arse for knowledge. Rather than doubt every bingle of his opinions individually, he reas ons that he expertness cast them all into doubt if he can doubt the foundations and sanctioned principles upon which his opinions are founded. By comparing his beliefs to an apple basket and a bunk in an apple to the falsity of opinion, Descartes reasons that by dumping all the apples/ beliefs, it will be easier to remove the rotten ones. He wants to remove all the false belief he currently wrongly holds true because having one false belief leads to having other false ideas as well. Descartes thinks this method of investigation and streak is defendable as beliefs are not independent of one another(prenominal) and only by doing this will he be able to form indubitable knowledge. Starting from a blank slate, he plans to build rear end his knowledge one clear and distinct proposition at a time.While Descartes is... ...nto doubt beliefs based on sense perception and on scientific ideas. Ideas such as gravity get dismissed because one doesnt know if it is simply something that occ urs in dreams and whether instead levitation is a reality. Descartes in the low of Meditation 1 says that arithmetic, geometry and other subjects of this kind, which deal only with the simplest and most popular things, regardless of whether they really exist in nature or not, view as something certain and indubitable. For whether I am awake or asleep, two and trine added together are five. He goes on to also apologize that a square has only four sides in both a dream state and not dream state. Therefore, we can still place other beliefs of the world, such as concepts that deal with the most simple and superior general things just not on the beliefs that are based off the senses.This brings us to the third

Essay --

schoolroomEngagementTeaching and LearningParent orCommunity pastimeStudent Social or Emotional SupportPhilosopherSocrates Socrates created a manner called The Socratic Method that made people think critically and out of doors the box. This is a method that is being gived in education and in everyday life. Socrates educated his students how to think. He pointed out the errors in peoples thoughts and discretion of life and society.Socrates believed that questioning was an excellent way to gain understanding and knowledge. Parents would ask questions until they were answered correctly.By asking questions children will gain knowledge and puzzle more social.PhilosopherPlato Plato believed that a teacher must know his/her subject as well as the limit of their knowledge.Plato teachings were based on philosophy. He taught virtuous philosophy and despised natural philosophy. Plato believed that knowledge had no practice usePlato believed that parents should provide positive models for children so they can go after. Children will get ideas and imitate as they grow olderPlat...

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Movement :: essays research papers

effortSeven thirty in the morning and it already is 120 degrees in the shade. Mail c every brings me no discussion from home. The word around mob New Jersey is that we move into Iraq at 0400 hours tomorrow morning. This means that every last(predicate) mail will stop for the next two weeks. My mood is destroyed. quadruplet in the morning, I am checking my vehicles temperature as a drive expose of Camp New Jersey and towards the Iraqi border. in that location is a news correspondent that told me he would get in touch with my family and relay all news from home, so I feel a little go better. As the sun kisses the horizon, I see why there is such(prenominal) thing as religion in this world. The pink and orange stain clouds construct the most breathtaking ceiling in the horizon. For a some minutes I forget that Im operate into a fire regularize and feel as if Im driving into the welcoming arms of some superannuated God.Eight twenty two in the morning, we are seventeen clicks into Iraq. The defect is a breathtaking sight. I cant help but think that Im driving through the ancient kingdom of Babylon. These are the same sense that Moses get over with millions of Jews. Molestina 2The unforgiving landscape somehow seems defiled by this cover and asphalt road.Nine forty two in the morning and I see for the first time the image that would hunt my dreams for the rest of my life. There he is, a sister that has not seen eight winters yet. Hes begging for fodder on the side of the road. To him we are not the saviors of his country, or the monsters that are real to kill his people its much simpler than that, to him all we are is possible meal, a chance that tonight he wont go to bed hungry. His parents are sitting in front of a small nearby hut, for them were also a chance to eat, so they let their child continue. My thermometer reads 147 God only knows how calefactory the asphalt is under the childs bare feet.Ten thirty three and the child is far behind. W e have taken several casualties in the last thirty minutes. The ambush came from nowhere. But as I lay in the institute firing at the enemy so the medics can evacuate the wounded, all I can think of is how lucky I am.

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The Sorrow of War is a novel written by Vietnamese writer, Bao Ninh. First published in 1990, it came from being his graduation project to one of the most prestigious constituent of literature in history. This work of fiction focuses solely on a s level offteen-year-old male named Kien and his life from pre- contend to post- state of war. What many people are oblivious to is the particular that Ninh had his own share of time in war when he served in the Glorious 27th Youth Brigade. Having said that, it is utterly safe to predicate that Ninhs time in war has a strong rebuke in Kiens characteristic traits and experiences that he endured in the novel.The Vietnam war was the crusade amidst the nationalist forces attempt to unify Vietnam under a communist govern custodyt and the United States effort to prevent Communism from spreading even further. This explicit war lasted from 1959 through April 30, 1975. It was a very long, costly war that disturbed the peace of many nations duri ng the 20th century. In total, more than 500,000 soldiers were twisting in the conflict and the price that the fighting nations had to pay economically, politically, and morally were crushing figures to look at. The United States, alone lost over 60,000 soldiers in Vietnam. roughly of them were killed while some vanished in the thick jungles located there. In total, between 3.2 and 5 million people were disables, disfigured, or wounded for life. In semblance to the author, Kien served in the 27th pack and however ten men survived from the Battalion after fierce, horrible, barbarous fighting (Ninh 5). Ninh was also one of the ten men that survived out of the five hundred that had went to war. That kind of fate and fortune shared out by both men is conferred in theSaintil2 n... ...o terms with his new identity, a survivor just like Kien. He hoped that the novel, The Sorrow of War pass on open the eyes of many who are oblivious to the effects of war and will at the same time help anyone that are in the same boat as him. By the end of the novel, Kien regained his self-confidence and focuses more on making his life better in the future rather of reminiscing on the past. The Sorrow of War ended in such an precipitous manner that shocked most, if not all, of the readers. Ninh commented on that fact by claiming that the only reason why the he chose the ending to be like that was to spring on the suddenness of the Vietnam war. He also admits to having a strong face-to-face connection to the novel, and in many ways Kien and Kiens troop represents him and his troop. diversion from everything else, Kien will always be a part of Ninh that nobody alone him understands.

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Central Nervous System Essay -- Biology, Cells, Retinogenesis

proper(postnominal) AIMSThe neural progenitor prison cells give rise to myriad cell types of the substitution nervous brass during development 1. However, the molecular basis of generation of several(a) cell types from a single pool of progenitors is by and large unknown. As a sidetrack of the central nervous system, the neural retina is an ideal model system to comprehend this mechanism because its cellular diversity also results from multipotent progenitors, the retinene progenitor cells (RPCs) 2-4. During retinogenesis, RPCs pass through different competent stages, each characterized largely by a unique set of transcription factors and defining RPCs major power to generate specific cell types during sequential cell divisions 5-7. This study is an enterprise to further our understanding of how transcription factors direct RPCs to differentiate into retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), the cell that connect retina to the brain. It is known that the basic helix-turn-helix transcri ption factor Math-5 renders RPCs the competence to suck in an RGC fate 8-10. It essentially acts by turning on the expression of the POU orbit factor Pou4f2 and the LIM homeobox factor Isl1, both critical for RGC differentiation and excerption 11-12. However, non all Math5-expressing progenitors become RGCs 13. Nor can Pou4f2 and Isl1 be the only factors presidential term the terminal differentiation of RGCs as a large proportion of Math-5 controlled genes is not regulated by them 12. What factors specify RGC fate? What are those non-Pou4f2/Isl1 factors that take part in RGC differentiation? If we are to set a milestone in medicine by using cell replacement therapy to treat neurodegenerative diseases, much(prenominal) fundamental questions like these must be answered. Available evidences suggest that the tra... ...OC factors in RGC development. In the developing liver, OC factors control TGF- signaling 18, 21, which is pro-apoptotic in RGCs 23. Therefore, an Inquiry into the retinal onecut/TGF- connection and its downstream consequences may further our understanding of the regulation of RGC apoptosis, which is disquieted in several degenerative diseases. Using qPCR, Western blot, and reporter assay, I leave first assess if retinal TGF- signaling is enhanced in the absence of OC factors. Then using a rescue experiment, I will see if increased TGF- signaling accounts for the retinal phenotype seen in onecut-null mice. Finally, using in situ hybridization, IF staining and reporter assay, I will look into the relationship of OC factors with Math5, Pouf42, and Isl1 to hand their tentative position in the hierarchy of transcription factors that control RGC development.

Beowulf Attacks Grendels Mother Essay -- Epic of Beowulf Essays

Beowulf Attacks Grendels Mother(A Short translation of the Passage)Beowulf sees Grendels mother in a cave. He tries to hit her with his sword, Unferths Hrunting, but it fails to throw her skin. So he throws the sword away and attacks the mother with his bare men. He trusts in his strength, his mighty hand-grip. Beowulf manages to throw Grendels mother down however, she quickly retaliates and is before long sitting on top of him. She tries to kill him with a dagger, but Beowulfs fit out protects him this time. Beowulf managed to throw her off of himself and sees a sword of enormous size, which he like a s gamy grabs. This sword has a beautiful ornamented bobby pin and a blade that is hinting that this is not an average sword. It is an old sword made by giants, string of its edges, air of warriors. Beowulf uses this sword to kill Grendels mother by hitting her from above, thus gaolbreak her collar-bones and slicing her into two halves. At this moment, the fire brightens and l its the cave from inside, just as from the sky heavens candle shines clear. Beowulf looks around and sees dead Grendel, so he direct cuts monsters head off to present it to Hrothgar. As soon as he does that, the lake becomes stained with blood. The watchers ashore interprets this as a sign of Beowulfs death of the hands of Grendels mother. GRAPHMeanwhile, the blade of Beowulfs new sword melts because the blood is too hot and poisonous for it. Beowulf does not take anything from the cave besides Grendels head and the handle of the miraculous sword even though there are some(prenominal) great treasures around. He swims back to the shore and is heartily greeted by his married person warriors. Grendels head is car... ...81. Movie. Don, Joe. Joe Dons Baby Cha Page. Online. Internet. October 11, 1998. available HTTP http// Francis, Erik Max. Beowulf. From The Harvard pures. Volume 49. P.F. Collier & Son, 1910. Etext translation by Robin Katsuya-Corbet. Online. Internet. November 26, 1998. Available HTTP http// Groceske, Randy. A Classic Adventure The Adventures of Beowulf. Online. Internet. October 15, 1998. Available HTTP http// MCA Universal. Hercules The Legendary Journeys. 1995-1998. TV Show. Online. Internet. Available HTTP http// Sony Playstation. Spyro the Dragon. Online. Internet. October 11, 1998. Available HTTP http//

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Shakespeares Hamlet - Indecision within Hamlet Essay -- Indecision He

The Hesitation/ Indecision within juncture Hamlet, the superstar in Shakespeares dramatic tragedy of the same name, goes to great lengths to effectuate the absolute guilt of King Claudius and then appears to blow it completely. He hesitates at the prayer guessing when the king could easily be dispatched. Lets discuss this problem of hesitation or indecision on the scratch of the booster. In Acts III and IV Problems of textual matter and Staging Ruth Nevo explains how the protagonist is confounded in both the prayer scene and the wardrobe scene In the prayer scene and the closet scene his Hamlets devices are overthrown. His controller is confounded by the inherent liability of human reason to jump to conclusions, to fail to distinguish seeming from being. He, of all people, is trapped in the disastrous deceptive maze of appearances that is the phenomenal world. Never perhaps has the minds finitude been better dramatized than in the prayer scene and in the closet scene. Another motto of the Player King is marvelously fulfilled in the nexus of ironies which constitutes the frivols peripateia Our thoughts are ours, their ends none of our own. In the sequence of events following Hamlets elation at the success of the Mousetrap, and culminating in the death of Polonius, all things are the opposite of what they seem, and action achieves the reverse of what was intended. Here in the plays peripeteia is enacted Hamlets fatal error, his fatal misjudgment, which constitutes the crisis of the action, and is the in a flash precipitating cause of his own death, seven other deaths, and Ophelias madness. (52) David Bevington, in the Introduction to Twentieth Century Interpretations of Hamlet, eliminates some possible reasons ... ...ilm, Television and sound recording Performance. Rutherford, NJ Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. P., 1988. Levin, Harry. General Introduction. The Riverside Shakespeare. Ed. G. Blakemore Evans. Boston Houghton Mifflin Co., 1974. Nevo, Ruth. Acts III and IV Problems of Text and Staging. Modern Critical Interpretations Hamlet. Ed. Harold Bloom. saucily York Chelsea House Publishers, 1986. Rpt. from Tragic Form in Shakespeare. N.p. Princeton University Press, 1972. Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1995. http// West, Rebecca. A Court and adult male Infected by the Disease of Corruption. Readings on Hamlet. Ed. Don Nardo. San Diego Greenhaven Press, 1999. Rpt. from The Court and the Castle. New Haven, CT Yale University Press, 1957.

What would Maurits Cornelis Escher’s Regular Division of the Plane with

look head What would Maurits Cornelis Eschers Regular Division of the piece of paper with Birds look similar on the torus?Maurits Cornelis Escher was born in Leeuwarden, Holland in 1898. He showed an vex in design and drawing, and this led him to a career in pictorial art. His throw was not given much recognition until 1956 when he had his commencement ceremony consequential exhibition which led him to worldwide fame. He was inspired by the maths he read about and his work cerebrate to those numerical principles. This is enkindle because he only had formal mathematical training through secondary coil school. He worked with non-Euclidean geometry and impossible figures. His work covered two master(prenominal) areas geometry of quadruplet and logic of space. They included tessellations, polyhedras, and images relating to the shape of space, the logic of space, science, and artificial password of honor (Smith, B. Sidney). Although Escher worked with a wide variety of a rt, the main focus of this paper willing be tessellations. This brings me to my research question how does Maurits Cornelis Eschers Regular Division of the Plane with Birds cerebrate to the tiling view of the torus?Tessellations and the torus are related to maths in the areas of geometry, topology, and the geometry of space. A regular tiling of polygons (in two dimensions), polyhedras (three dimensions), or polytopes (n dimensions) is called a tessellation. (Weisstein, Eric W.). Tessellations, or regular divisions of the plane, cover the entire plane without deviation some(prenominal) gaps or overlapping (http// The word tessellate comes from the Hellenic word tesseres which means four in English. This relates to tessellations 2because the first ones were do of square off ... ...oks, Inc., 1999.Index of /internet-cd/Test/Escher. 22 October, 1997. 28 July. 2005. .Locher, J.L. M.C. Escher. New York devil N Abrams, 1992.M. C. Escher pr int Study of the Regular Division of the Plane with Horsemen. Skaalid, Bonnie. network visualise for Instruction. 28 July. 2005. .Softimage-3D Importer - Example Renderings. Okino Computer Graphics. 28 July. 2005. .Tessellation. Weisstein, Eric W. Wolfram Research, Inc. 28 July. 2005. .The numerical Art of M.C. Escher. Smith, B. Sidney. Math Academy Online. 20 July. 2005. .The Oldest Escher Collection on the Web. Cordon Art. 28 July. 2005. . What would Maurits Cornelis Eschers Regular Division of the Plane withResearch Question What would Maurits Cornelis Eschers Regular Division of the Plane with Birds look like on the torus?Maurits Cornelis Escher was born in Leeuwarden, Holland in 1898. He showed an interest in design and drawing, and this led him to a career in graphic art. His work was not given much recognition until 1956 when he had his first important exhibition which led him to worldwide fame. He was inspired by the math he read about and his work related to those mathematical principles. This is interesting because he only had formal mathematical training through secondary school. He worked with non-Euclidean geometry and impossible figures. His work covered two main areas geometry of space and logic of space. They included tessellations, polyhedras, and images relating to the shape of space, the logic of space, science, and artificial intelligence (Smith, B. Sidney). Although Escher worked with a wide variety of art, the main focus of this paper will be tessellations. This brings me to my research question how does Maurits Cornelis Eschers Regular Division of the Plane with Birds relate to the tiling view of the torus?Tessellations and the torus are related to mathematics in the areas of geometry, topology, and the geometry of space. A regular tiling of polygons (in two dimensions), polyhedras (three dimensions), or polytopes (n dimensions) is called a tessellation. (Weisstein, Eric W.). Tessellations, or regular divisions of the pla ne, cover the entire plane without leaving any gaps or overlapping (http// The word tessellate comes from the Greek word tesseres which means four in English. This relates to tessellations 2because the first ones were made of square ... ...oks, Inc., 1999.Index of /internet-cd/Test/Escher. 22 October, 1997. 28 July. 2005. .Locher, J.L. M.C. Escher. New York Harry N Abrams, 1992.M. C. Escher print Study of the Regular Division of the Plane with Horsemen. Skaalid, Bonnie. Web Design for Instruction. 28 July. 2005. .Softimage-3D Importer - Example Renderings. Okino Computer Graphics. 28 July. 2005. .Tessellation. Weisstein, Eric W. Wolfram Research, Inc. 28 July. 2005. .The Mathematical Art of M.C. Escher. Smith, B. Sidney. Math Academy Online. 20 July. 2005. .The Oldest Escher Collection on the Web. Cordon Art. 28 July. 2005. .

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Restaurant Industry :: essays research papers

Discussion of the problemSanjay Thomas, a second-year MBA student at M.I.T. Sloan educate of Management has three choices after he graduates. The first adept is an superior job offer that he received from a top-flight wariness consulting firm. The second option is to open an upscale restaurant that will set Indian gourmet cuisine. The third option is to open the restaurant with his aunt. each option has positive and negative aspects, but when Sanjay compargons them only the financial benefits are relevant.If Sanjay takes the job offered by the management consulting firm he would earn a wages of $80,000 a year. If he decides to open the restaurant, he would face a different scenario. To figure out Sanjays salary he would live to take into account three variables number of repasts sold, revenue per meal, and labor cost. If Sanjay opens the restaurant in partnership with his aunt, she would guarantee him a salary of at to the lowest degree $3,500 a month, and in return she wou ld get 90% of all periodic earnings in excess of $9,000.Data Analysis Sanjay estimated the following statistics for the variables that impress the expected salary at the restaurant. First, the number of meals obeys a normal dispersal with a mean of 3,000 and a standard deviation of 1,000. Second, the revenue per meals is $20.00 with a luck of 25%, $18.50 with a probability of 35%, $16.50 with a probability of 30%, and $15.00 with a probability of 10%. Third, the labor cost follows a continuous uniform distribution between $5,040 and $6,860. He also estimates that there are two inflexible costs. One is the fixed cost per meal of $11 and the other one is non labor cost of $3,995.All these variables and fixed costs were used in a semblance software incase to forecast the expected salary on the restaurant for the two situations one running the restaurant by alone, and the other one, running it with his aunt. Each simulation consisted of 10,000 trials.The result of Sanjay running the restaurant alone is represented in represent A. With a mean of $10,845 and standard deviation of $8,568 (Table 1), this option shows that the expected salary would be senior high schooler than the $6,666 monthly salary that he would earn in the consulting firm ($80,000/ 12). At the same time, the standard deviation projects a high variability on the expected salary, which means that there is the potential of earning more(prenominal) money than at the firm and of losing money running the business.

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Families all over America spend evenings unneurotic watching t.v. This seems to be one of Americas regardite pastimes. further with all the violence that is involved with television programs the question arises on weither or not earnings television should be censored. It seems unlogical for theses censoring to target place. interlocking television should not be censored because of our freedom of vocabulary rights, more violence is on cable, and it is the pargonnts responsibility to supervise what children are viewing not the networks.I do not favor censorship and I am jealous of my First Amendment Rights, Eron pg 617 To evoke censorship onto network television would most definitely take away our branch amendment right. We as Americans deserve the right to freedom of speech. Many people fought dogged and hard so that we, as Americans, have such rights as they are stated in the Bill of Rights. To start censorship on Network television may seem like a small brat to our righ ts, but forget become so much more. With censorship television shows and producers would not be able to freely show what they want their viewing audience to see. It in turn is the exact same as telling someone they can not say something they wish to say. Censorship may lug our children from seeing violent acts on t.v., but in return will take away one of our most precious rights as Americans.In addition to loss of one of our basic rights, it seems unlogical to censor network t...

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Seeing Red :: Vision Psychology Essays

Seeing reddish Humans receive about 70-80% of information about their surroundings from sight. bare this in mind, it is clear that for humans, being able to see the environment in which we live can greatly determine how we interact with that environment. For people (as easily as for other animals, although not all), likeness is an important component of sight. Socially, colouring is extremely important. For example, red, green, and yellow are all used in direct traffic. Stop high spiritss and signs are red a green light indicates that it is safe to proceed. yellowed symbolizes the need for caution, orange alerts drivers to construction. While all these signs could be executed in black and white (for the written messages would be the same), people of colour is used to befriend drivers tell the difference between types of messages. Color usage in purchase order is not limited to driving advertising, school buildings, offices, etc. use color theory. Color theory is the id ea that colors can influence people, and that diametrical colors produce disparate reactions. A lot of people would make that different colors mean different things or cause different moods, but cannot say exactly why or how. The answers are blurred to say the least. One of the most widespread ideas is that different colors fend for or signify different things. However, one must keep in mind a basic fact it being that colors ofttimes have different symbolic meanings in different burnishs. For example, white is the color for weddings in western societies but for funerals in traditional Chinese culture red is associated with rage in America but with happiness in China. In American fashion and decoration, blue is for boys while pink is for girls, which is a symbolic use of color that are not shared by many cultures (6). After saying something like that, the next question would be does this mean that colors and the moods/reactions that they may (or may not) elicit are cultura lly constrained, or is there still some underlying biological priming for moods/reactions to alter due to color? A site on the legion for Cornell University notes, some of these responses seem to be powerful and fairly universal (5). It is arouse to then look at the idea of chromotherapy the use of colored light to heal. In a paper by Owen Demers he writes, This chromotherapy is not a new age idea.

Spellbound :: essays research papers

SpellboundIn the film Spellbound Dr. Murchison, the head up of Green Manors kind asylum, is retiring to be replaced by Dr. Edwards, a celebrated psychiatrist. Dr. Edwards arrives and is immediately attracted to Dr. Constance Peterson. Nevertheless, it soon becomes apparent that Dr. Edwards is a paranoid amnesic fraud. He runs from the police and Dr. Peterson is compelled to key out and help him bring forward what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. Spellbound was non a film noir. Crime and detection wasnt viewed in a dark and urban environment. The only part that was dark was when Dr. Peterson and the fraud Dr. Edwards where on the train to Rome, Georgia. Dr Peterson was trying to pry memories out of him. I admit that rump Ballantine was a bit cynical, but only when he was trying to remember what had happened to him. Otherwise, he was very friendly and sociable.High contrast lighting was use once, that I noticed. It was used when Dr. Peterson and Dr. Brulov where analyzing Dr. Edwards dream. They figured out why he was panicked of white with black lines. Then they showed a picture of the outside where it was snowing and at that place were sled marks in the snow. Even though I dont recall any low camera angles, I do know that they had deep focus on that same shot.The hero in this film was Dr. Constance Peterson. She was not ruthless and greedy and neither was the assumed criminal. Dr. Peterson was disillusion because of her love for John Ballantine, but it destructed her army of logic not her sight to see that John was a criminal. She was but wasnt alienated from nightclub. The society that she knows is the people she works with, but since she works in a mental asylum she is alienated from normal society. Dr. Peterson works against the police only to find out what actually happened to the real Dr. Edwards, but she is not a fly-by-night to the crime. Personally, I wouldnt call her psychologically wounded or virtuously ambiguous, just hard headed.

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Analysis of the Spectrum of Depression Essays -- Biology Essays Resear

psychoanalysis of the Spectrum of slackDepression has many degrees of callousness from a passing feeling to a terrible sickness, which destroys lives and relationships. Major depressive rowdyism is the most hard form of economic crisis. It is perfect and persistent, rendering the patient unconsolable and helpless (1). Depressed patients oft cannot concern working and have problem dealing with family and friends. Other symptoms of major embossment be deep despair, misery, irritability, woeful self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, change in take and sleeping habits, fatigue and softness to concentrate. Other mental illnesses, such as anxiety and alcoholism argon also associated with major depression (2). term serious depressive episodes be central to our taking into custody of mental health, chronic depression is terribly widespread and often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Dysthymia is a disorder which has similar, but milder and oftentimes longer lasting, symptoms to d epression (3). By understanding the characteristics of dysthymia, health professionals can unwrap a chronic mental illness before it manifests into more serious psychological problems, such as severe depression. Dysthymia is also an enkindle disorder from the neurobiological perspective because it is often difficult to discern from different personality disorders, such as a depressed or sorry personality. This paper explores depression and dysthymia, their symptoms and therapies. In addition, personalities which are depressed go forth be analyzed and compared to depression and dysthymia. Do doctorly three afflictions stem from the equivalent genetic or environmental causes, and mechanistic origins? Are they all responsive to the same treatment? This comparison will address the difficulty in dis... ...l and emotional signals can be influenced at several different levels in the brain, by a myriad of chemicals. The sole cause of depression seems to be the simultaneous breakdo wn of neurochemical pathways across the neuronal systems. It is true that treating depression in all of its forms is much easier today with the approach of new antidepressants, but these drugs are correcting a neurochemical imbalance which is not circumstantial to depression. There may dwell and someday be discovered a particular mood canon flaw which is responsible for depression, but addicted the research presented today, I would articulate there is not. Sources Cited1) Elliott, Laura. Help for Your Head, Washingtonian, April 1998, p.76 2) http// http// http// Analysis of the Spectrum of Depression Essays -- Biology Essays ResearAnalysis of the Spectrum of DepressionDepression has many degrees of severity from a passing feeling to a serious illness, which destroys lives and relationships. Major depressive disorder is the most severe form of depression. It is extreme and persistent, rendering the patient inconsolable and helpless (1). Depressed patients often cannot continue working and have difficulty dealing with family and friends. Other symptoms of major depression are deep despair, misery, irritability, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, change in eating and sleeping habits, fatigue and inability to concentrate. Other mental illnesses, such as anxiety and alcoholism are also associated with major depression (2). While serious depressive episodes are important to our understanding of mental health, chronic depression is terribly widespread and often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Dysthymia is a disorder which has similar, but milder and much longer lasting, symptoms to depression (3). By understanding the characteristics of dysthymia, health professionals can identify a chronic mental illness before it manifests into more serious psychological problems, such as severe depression. Dysthymia is also an interesting dis order from the neurobiological perspective because it is often difficult to discern from other personality disorders, such as a depressed or gloomy personality. This paper explores depression and dysthymia, their symptoms and therapies. In addition, personalities which are depressed will be analyzed and compared to depression and dysthymia. Do all three afflictions stem from the same genetic or environmental causes, and mechanistic origins? Are they all responsive to the same treatment? This comparison will address the difficulty in dis... ...l and emotional signals can be influenced at several different levels in the brain, by a myriad of chemicals. The sole cause of depression seems to be the simultaneous breakdown of neurochemical pathways across the nervous systems. It is true that treating depression in all of its forms is much easier today with the advent of new antidepressants, but these drugs are correcting a neurochemical imbalance which is not specific to depression. Ther e may exist and someday be discovered a particular mood regulation flaw which is responsible for depression, but given the research presented today, I would say there is not. Sources Cited1) Elliott, Laura. Help for Your Head, Washingtonian, April 1998, p.76 2) http// http// http//

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SOCIALSECURITY.COMThe web grade for social security and retirement culture. The purpose of this site is to ply up to date social security and retirement study and how to get answers to your questions. This website is a private web site and is not associated, authorized, interact with, or sponsored by every goverment, nor do we claim to be. Official world(a) government links for social security can be be on our questions and answers category located on the home foliate. If you have any ideas for enhancing this site or if you have any training you would like posted, gratify email us at webmastersocialsecurity.comPlease choose ONE of the quest links1 -To receive the Social Security Benefits Handbook snarl here. This comprehensive guide answers many of the questions individuals seek regarding social security benefits. comfortable to read. Highly informative. If you are looking to maximize your benefits, get everything you deserve and decrease the red tap e, then this book is a must. Ordering is handled through at a substantially discounted price. After ordering please use you browsers gumption button to reach to this page and then click the home page link.2 - FREE HEALTH or LIFE INSURANCE QUOTES.Its perfectly FREE for all users. You can even get FREE QUOTES for cable car INSURANCE. You may get quotes for all your insurance needs. No obligation some(prenominal) to purchase.3 -Go to home page.You can use your browsers back button to return here from any linked sites. REMEMBER TO BOOKMARK THIS PAGEe-stablished 3/16/98.DisclaimerDISCLAIMER This web site is designed to provide information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the publisher of this information is not engaged in rendering legal, or another(prenominal) skipper services. The publisher is not responsible for any misrepresentations or errors regarding infor mation listed here or on any linked sites. All information provided is for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for the reliance on this information. If legal advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional person should be sought.

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F1 :: essays research papers

It really all started at the end of the first rotary of 1988 Portuguese Grand Prix. Aryton Senna and Alain Prost were nearing the end of their first season driving together in the totally dominant Mclaren Honda team. All season long, the tension in the midst of these twain great drivers had been building as the battle for the drivers crown intensified. But, rase the most informed observer in Portugal could never have dreamt of what was nearly to be unleashed along with its impact on the consequences for Formula One. As the two Mclarens entered the pit straight to eff the first lap, Senna led, but Prost, having automobileried more move through the final turn, was hard in his slipstream. As Prost pulled out to complete the pass, Senna swerved to the right, Prost, refusing to lift, kept coming. Soon the cars were side by side, wheels interlocking at one hundred eighty MPH. Prost was just inches from the pit wall. Prost made the pass and duly won the race. Afterwards, hazardo us at such tactics by a fellow driver, he is reported to have stated "If he (Senna) wants the World Championship so badly, he can have it." Prosts rage was due to the fact a basic rule of Motor Racing had been broken, and not by round F3 novice, but by a driver blessed with such capacious talent that he should have been able to find other slipway to win in the supposed pinnacle of the sport, Formula One. Since motor pelt along began, the "slipstreaming pass" was the classic way to overtake. It relies on the fact that the leading car does not deviate too much from its line on the straight. in that respect was no rule to enforce this, it was just taken for granted. If a bumper-to-bumper car just weaved all over the road overtaking would be impossible, but that was against the "spirit" of racing. More of course was to come, much more. The inaction of the establishment body of Formula One sent its message out chintzy and clear. Clearly Senna now felt that if he could get away with " veer", then the next step would be "shutting the door firmly". This he duly did to Nigel Mansell at the same race the following year. Mansell, having slipstreamed Senna on the pit straight, went for the inside at the following right hand corner. Senna, refusing to be passed, moved over and the ensuing contact took them both out of the race.

An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay -- Diseases/Disorder

Introduction to Autism Spectrum DisorderAutism spectrum disorder has become the to the highest degree common neurological and developmental disorder diagnosed in children today. The United States Centers for illness Control and Prevention (2012) estimate that 1 out of every 88 American children hand been properly diagnosed. There is no known recover for autism, and the inconsistencies of the symptoms of autism in each case make it difficult to target a particular set of effective treatments. However some behavior heed therapies, specifically physical therapy, may help to significantly control the throwaway(prenominal) symptoms in young children with autism spectrum disorder.Symptoms. Children begin showing symptoms of autism as early as twelve months of life, making two to three years old the usual age of diagnosis. The symptoms of autism atomic number 18 truly of a spectrum, hence the name, meaning no child is affected by the disorder in quite the equivalent way. Howe ver, symptoms of autism are generally categorized into three basic areas of impairment, the first of these cosmos sociability. Most children with autism have trouble comprehending basic social situations. A child with autism likely makes little eye contact, fails respond to other people in their environment, and reacts inappropriately when others show extreme emotion. It is common for children with autism to misread emotional cues because they condense on a persons mouth while harangue instead of their eyes as would an unaffected person. Likewise, people may have difficulties understanding the emotions of an autistic child. Many times their body language or tone of voice will not match the emotion that they are trying to express. The second area of impairment is communication. Children with autism ... ...pub12 Nicholson, H., Kehle, TJ., Bray, MA., & Heest, J. (2011). The effectuate of Antecedent physical Activity on the Academic Engagement of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Psychology in the Schools, 48(2), 198-213.Ospina, MB., Krebs, SJ., Clark, B., Karkhaneh, M., Hartling, L., et al. (2008). behavioural and Developmental Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder A Clinical Systematic Review. PLoS ONE, 3(11). Retrieved from http//, C., Adamson, SR., Block, L., Einarson, SJ., Sharifnejad, M., & Harris, SR. (2008) Effects of Exercise Interventions on Stereotypic Behaviours in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Physiotherapy Canada, 60(2), 134-145.United States Centers for sickness Control and Prevention (CDC). (2012) Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs). Retrieved from http//