Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Assignemnt in Communication in the 21st Century Essay

Assignemnt in Communication in the 21st Century - Essay Example Internet has redefined the communication with its far reaching implications. The phenomenal growth in the internet user database has not only necessitated formulation of new strategies and policies that would entail active participation of the people, it has also revolutionized the concept of selling by bringing the goods directly to the individuals’ home or office. Effective communication at all levels of office hierarchy is crucial for the challenges and productive outcome of the visionary goals of the organization. Communication through electronic mail or e-mail, as it is popularly known, has made it easier to disseminate information among office staff of various branches, thereby, making it easy for the management to keep them informed regarding every aspects of organizational vision, mission and daily progress. It is a fast and efficient tool of communication leading to quality management. Creation of bulletin board in official sites has become an effective organizational strategy encouraging frank discussion and reactions to company’s decisions and policies. These electronic boards have become extremely popular medium of assessing organizational progress and at the same time, they have been used to solve employee’s grievances in a more democratic manner. This has helped improved working relationship among the people and making cross cultural adjustments easier. One of the boons of internet has been the real time presentation or virtual conferencing which has emerged as an important feature of the internet. It facilitates virtual boardroom discussions with people who might be at different places in the world. Online conferencing is being widely used in medical area where specialists from various fields get together to perform virtual surgeries as well as interact directly with the patients thus eliminating the need for personal interaction. It has become a very cost effective and time efficient tool

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